Renal Diseases

Program Details
Program Director: Dr. Moro O. Salifu
Address: 450 Clarkson Avenue, MSC 52
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Telephone: 718 270-1584
Fax: 718 270-3327
Fellows rotate to: University Hospital of Brooklyn
UHB Transplant
Kings County Hospital Center
VA NY Harbor Healthcare System
Research Interests:

Fellows interact with their mentors to generate research ideas and potential grants, in clinical or basic science fields. Fellows may also choose electives in other related areas of medicine. During these months, fellows take vacation time (2 months) but must have evidence of scholarly activity in the rest of the 4 months.

A total of 18 nephrologists are directly involved in the nephrology training program. Additional basic science and clinical faculty participate in fellow instruction through collaborative research projects. Moro O. Salifu, MD, MBA, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Nephrology, serves as fellowship director to blend the multiple facets of rotations, training, investigation, and meeting attendance into an effective program.

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