Honor Society Induction

sigma logoCongratulations to each of our Psi Tau Chapter Inductees!

You are shining examples of scholarship, professionalism, and integrity. We welcome our Dual and Transfer Members to our chapter! 

A student is invited to become a member of Sigma Theta Tau International (Sigma) based on the grade point average, rank in the top of the class and completion of the required percentage of courses in the undergraduate and/or graduate program. 

Nurse Leaders who are invited must be a registered nurse, with a minimum of a baccalaureate degree in nursing. They must be invited and sponsored by at least one active member. 

There are many benefits to your membership in the Psi Tau Chapter and in Sigma. These benefits include: networking, leadership opportunities, career development, access to resources and fellowship with other Sigma members throughout the world. 

PSI TAU Chapter Induction Ceremony 2022 Inductees

  1. Atte Alkhabbaz
  2. Rande Archer
  3. Shavon Bailey
  4. Femarie C. Bedona - Nurse Leader
  5. Lordani V. Bonaventure
  6. Nicole Racquel Brown
  7. Ashley Nicole Bruno
  8. Daniella Burke – Nurse Leader
  9. Mario Villanueva Bustamante - Nurse Leader
  10. Melisa Joannie Cambry
  11. Josephine A. Campbell
  12. Elaine Chen
  13. Marilu Cepeda
  14. William Cornell
  15. Chloe DeAngelis
  16. Janelle Garcia Domig
  17. John Daniel Dujmovic
  18. Dorie Ervilnus
  19. Alexia Florveus
  20. Tiffany Chantell Go Million
  21. Sabrina Leora Gorodetsky
  22. Deeka-gaye Graham
  23. Shenell T. Griffiths
  24. Ericka Hamilton
  25. Rachel Heinicke
  26. William Hon
  27. John Allen Huaylinos – Nurse Leader
  28. Alicia Dawn Husbands
  29. Danielle Hutson
  30. Diana Ilizirov
  31. Alexandra Farah Jean-Toussaint 
  32. Margael A. Joasil
  33. Theodecia Johnson-Monseque
  34. Mitasha Joseph-Sohan
  35. Aleksandra Kalashnikova
  36. Candia Yasmina Keita
  37. Dina R. Klein
  38. Brittany M. Krause
  39. Esther Kutsman
  40. Marjorie Lamarque
  41. Kelsey Lau
  42. Alice Lin
  43. Donna Mendonca
  44. Joy Merrifield
  45. Soghar Mohmand
  46. Stefany Chequita Nijman
  47. Joyce Nunez
  48. Jeanine O’Hagan-Murphy – Nurse Leader
  49. Maria Olivier 
  50. Graziella Orecchio
  51. Teresa Pedretti-Ramos – Nurse Leader
  52. Shazia Peters-Steele
  53. Alexander O’Neil Reiley
  54. Kenisha Roberts
  55. Nita Roy – Nurse Leader
  56. Paula Salazar
  57. Magda Seraphin
  58. Kynyziah Shaw 
  59. Jeanne Marie Shotzbarger
  60. Tracey Smith
  61. Ni Sun
  62. Martina Ascenzi Tenneriello
  63. Jill Thompson
  64. Ebru Turk
  65. Boris Umanov
  66. Grace Wang
  67. Kristie Wong
  68. Cindy Yankovich
  69. Yan Zheng

Nurse Leaders (May 2021) 

Gladys N. Christophe 

Heizel Aloida Singson 

Membership Transfer 

Bianca Julien