Our Vision, Mission & Goals

The Alumni Association-College of Medicine's primary mission is to provide financial support and services to medical students, to enhance their experience during their four years at Downstate.

Student Supported Programs

Providing financial support to the medical students and school is our top priority. The Alumni Association supports many programs for medical students including:

  • Tuition Scholarships
    Tuition is $40,160+ alone, not including living expenses. Many students come from families that have income below $60,000. Our scholarships are based on financial need.
  • Student Summer Research Fellowships
    Support for students to conduct full-time research for eight weeks (during the summer following the first year) to promote interest in research.
  • Health Care in Developing Countries Elective
    Students participating in this overseas elective are supported by travel grants from the Alumni Fund. Find out more »
  • MD/PhD Summer Research Programs
    Support summer research in areas in which students are concentrating their studies, and to ensure their stipend is competitive with other medical schools.
  • White Coat Ceremony
    The annual event to welcome all first year students into the medical profession with an inspirational presentation from an accomplished alumnus/a, and the distribution of white coats.
  • Student Run Brooklyn Free Clinic
    Community clinic initiated by medical students to serve the Brooklyn local population with no insurance.
  • Full Year Research Scholarship
    For medical student to devote one full year of rigorous scientific research on project approved by faculty and alumni committee. Find out more »
  • Student Research Presented at Conferences
    Support to enable students to present their original work at national conferences.
  • All student inquiries about research support that do not fit the category of either Summer Research Scholarships OR Full year research scholarships shall be initially referred to the Coordinator of Research Review for our Alumni Association; at present, that position is held by Richard Sadovsky, MD.
  • Students requesting support from the Alumni Association at Board Meetings should:
    • Initially prepare a written request for support, noting purpose of request, who will be involved, result intended from project/activity, number of students involve, for which class, anticipated outcome, relationship to required curriculum, and budget justification. Supporting evidence that this project/activity will be useful to fellow students is strongly suggested.
    • Students should ensure they make every effort to minimize costs
    • Students should meet with an on-campus member of the Alumni Association Board to discuss their request. If acceptable for consideration, they will have the opportunity to present 4-5 minutes to make their case at the Board Meeting
    • Successful applicants for support must provide a report of the results of the funded activity/project within one year of completion.


The Association is committed to enhancing the medical education and training of Downstate medical students. Alumni participate in mentoring to help students feel welcome and supported at SUNY Downstate, and share their expertise to help students choose a specialty.


The Alumni Association acts as a liaison between the medical school faculty and students to promote a positive learning environment. Parents whose children are considering or applying to Downstate can speak with a Board member to discuss the application process and criteria. Members of the Alumni Association also sit on the Medical School Admissions Committee to ensure that children of alumni have advocates on their behalf.