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Remember when you dreamed of becoming a doctor. Maybe it seemed like a far reach into the future, a road with many challenges or a path requiring you to sacrifice many years to long hours of studying and scrubbing. You were determined and worked hard, and with your excellent Downstate education and training, you achieved your goal and became a physician.

Back in 1952, tuition was $715/year; it rose to $2,400/year in 1975. Today annual tuition alone is more than $37,000. For many students, this expense (which does not include room or board) is about half of their family's annual income. Even with incredible commitment, becoming a doctor can be financially unattainable without tuition scholarships and other forms of support.

Leaving a legacy to the Alumni Association speaks to your dedication to providing an affordable, excellent medical education for aspiring Downstate students with limited means. Bequest gifts have been a significant source of support for many student programs including: tuition scholarships, research fellowships, and healthcare electives for underserved populations. Alumni, Honorary Alumni and Friends have made planned gifts as a way of giving back and helping pave the way for others, giving them the same opportunities that they were afforded.

Legacies can be tailored to your interests

Our legal name is: Alumni Association – College of Medicine, SUNY Downstate.

Name the Alumni Association-College of Medicine, SUNY Downstate as the beneficiary of a bank account, insurance policy or retirement account.

Include the Alumni Association-College of Medicine, SUNY Downstate in your estate plan.

Establish a Charitable Gift Annuity which provides you with annual income.

We recommend you consult with your tax advisor to select the gift that is most appropriate and meaningful for you.

Charitable Gifts of Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a particularly versatile and valuable asset to give to charity. A gift of life insurance can allow a donor to make a more substantial contribution than would otherwise be possible.

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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Giving Back

Your support is vital to our ongoing mission to serve our medical students.

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