Central Stores

Location: University Hospital basement level, UH Rm B-530A (adjacent to Central Receiving and Mail Services); Telephone: 718-270-1514, Fax 718-270-1266 , MailStop 61

eMail: is the best way to reach us.

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Please use the address "" to report any concerns- the message will auto distributed to all CStores individual staff and management members.


Central Stores Provides:

View the current Central Stores Catalog

The posted catalog unit prices change frequently.  The actual prices are based on the actual cost of the applicable stock purchase cost. eMail with a draft order specifying the items you're interested in and request a current pricing quote.

For ongoing regular shredding needs, Downstate has a shredding service vendor (American Security Shredding company at 800-882-1979) for offices that have ongoing frequent shredding needs of confidential documents. They place a large pail in the office and pick-up filled containers on a regular basis. Contact Vendor for details. 

Central Stores recharges all products and services at cost to all customer funding sources (State, Research, Downstate Affiliates). There is no mark up over the cost of the procured goods, materials or services that are billed by the source vendor/ provider.

The actual prices change constantly based on the actual cost of the most recent applicable stock purchase cost. Your dept account is recharged based on the actual current price.

How to Place an Order and Pay for Central Stores Services:

Downstate Departments - State and IFR Account holders: State accounts follow the Downstate Recharge billing process:

Research Foundation Account Holders:

The Research Foundation REQUIRES an RF Purchase Requisition (link) be submitted with the appropriate grant number (Project#, Task#, Award#), to be charged and signed in advance by the project director.

Invoices are sent by Central Stores via eMail to: RF_Purchases <>

RF payments are to made payable to "SUNY 90086500" with remittance payment address as:

Central Stores- MSC 61
SUNY Downstate
450Clarkson Ave
Brooklyn NY 11203-2098

Affiliated Entities (NON-State organizations = Downstate affiliates such as FSA, HSCBF, UPB, and all others):

Use the State Purchasing Requisition Form (customized for CStores), but identify the affiliated entity's billing information in the comment section at bottom of form; "Bill to" (insert affiliate's name), person's name, box number, account number (if applicable), and be signed by an authorized signatory for that account. Some affiliated entities such as FSA and HSCB Foundation that have their own "Payment Forms" (link) that are accepted in lieu of a State Requisition form. Central Stores will then send the requisition or payment form with the Central Stores Invoice for supplies ordered to the applicable affiliated entity's Business Office for payment.

Payments are to made payable to "SUNY 90086500" with remittance payment address as:

Central Stores- MSC 61
SUNY Downstate
450Clarkson Ave
Brooklyn NY 11203-2098

Submitting Your Order:

SCAN and eMail your SIGNED requisition or order form to Central Stores at: (the most efficient and reliable method), or


Delivery of Your Order:

In general, orders received by 3:30pm will be delivered same day. Orders after 3:30pm or to off-site locations will be delivered on the next business day. If you need expedited service, call the Reception Desk (X 1514) to make alternative arrangements for expedited delivery or for you to pick up your order in person.

If any ordered item is not available at the time your order is processed, it will not appear on the CStores delivery document/ receipt. If a quantity has been reduced due to in-stock limitations, only the amount issued will appear on the order delivery document/ receipt. Call CStores at Ext 1514 (718-270-1514) for current estimate time for that stock to become available.



Mission Statement

Department of Administrative Services: Consolidated service units at a contiguous location to the extent practical, and commonly known as “Downstate Depot”, that currently includes: Central Receiving, Central Stores, Quick Copy Center, Mail/ Messenger, and provides: