Guidelines for Handling of Surplus State Personal Property

Form used: CS-201, Report of Surplus Personal Property

These forms are available on the OGS Surplus Property website or by contacting the State Surplus Property program at (518) 457-6335.

Procedures for surplus state personal property (excluding vehicles), are as follows:

Step 1
Completing a CS-201 Form for Surplus Personal Property

Upon determining that your agency or department no longer has a need for an item, obtain a CS-201 (Report of Surplus Personal Property) and fill out the form.

  • Complete Name and Address of Reporting Agency
  • The Authorized Signature must be that of your agency’s Surplus Property Coordinator and must be on record with the OGS State Surplus Property Program.
  • Complete Location of Property
  • Contact person should be an individual who is aware of and has detailed information on the item(s) being surplused.
  • Complete Description of item(s)
  • Provide brand names, model numbers, serial numbers and measurements.
  • Enter number of units of each item being surplused.
  • Determine condition of the item(s)
  • If item(s) are new or never used, indicate so in the condition column.
  • If item(s) are used, indicate whether they are of poor, fair, good or excellent condition.
  • Any unique information relative to the item(s) being surplused should be noted on the CS-201.
  • Complete printed name, title and phone number of authorized Surplus Property Coordinator.
  • Sign Information Security Certification (if applicable).
  • Provide the name of the Fund from which the item(s) were originally purchased.
  • Any revenue derived from the sale of the surplused items, (minus administration fee) other than General Fund purchases, will be returned to the purchasing agency.

Step 2
Surplus Property Offered to State Agencies

Once the OGS State Surplus Property Unit receives the CS-201 form.

  • The item(s) will be entered onto the OGS Intranet website for 7 calendar days, to allow other state agencies to request transfer of the item(s) for their reuse.
  • If another agency requests the item, the contact on the CS-201 and their surplus coordinator are notified of the transfer.

Step 3
Surplus Property Offered to New York State Local Municipalities

  • If after the 7 calendar day intranet posting, the surplused item(s) are not obtained by another state agency, the item(s) are offered to New York State local municipalities for an additional period of 7 calendar days. If purchased by a municipality the contact person on the CS-201 and their surplus coordinator are notified of the sale.

Step 4
Surplus Property Offered in Public Auction

  • If the surplused item(s) are not transferred to another state agency or obtained by a New York State local municipality, the items are offered in public auction (via an online eBay auction or physical auction).

The New York State Office of General Services administers and is responsible for the property disposition for all agencies statewide of all appropriate surplus personal property that is no longer deemed useful by the state. Property that is declared surplus is first offered to other state agencies and then local municipalities for their reuse before being sold to the public on eBay or at a public auction.

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