Expectant Family Education

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The Center for Community Health Promotion and Wellness offers free 2 series of 3-4 consecutive classes are usually held on Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Time and day may vary depending on class size.

It is preferable that expectant mothers are 7 months (28 weeks) pregnant when registering for the childbirth classes.

The childbirth classes are interactive patient centered that includes:

  • physiological / psychological changes
  • discomforts of pregnancy and comfort measure
  • signs of labor
  • roles of the coach
  • nutrition during pregnancy
  • breastfeeding / lactation
  • parenting
  • family planning

In addition, discussions will include speakers from:

  • Department of Pediatrics
  • Nutritionist
  • Family Medicine
  • Department of Obstetrics
  • “Baby and Me” Program.

For those who are delivering at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, the expectant parents will receive a tour of the Birthing Center.

The classes are held by a certified childbirth educator.

Registration for childbirth classes is REQUIRED by calling 718-270-8846 or 718-270-8245.