Basic Science Research at SUNY Downstate

Todd Sacktor, MD

  • Study of formation of long-term memory (Long Term Potentiation)

Peter Bergold, MD

  • Study of phathophysiology of traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative disorders

André Fenton, PhD

  • Multimodal work on neurophysiology of spatial cognition and memory

Howard Crystal, MD

  • Study of evaluating pathophysiology of HIV-Associated neurocognitive disorder woman
  • Computation neuroscience (Computational Modeling of Memory and Related Disorders)

Available Research at CEAD & BRIDGE-GWEP

Michael Reinhardt, MD & Carl Cohen, MD

  • Study of evaluating the educational and patient quality outcomes from the BRIDGE Program's Education
  • Study of evaluating the congitive, phyiscal and neuropsychiatric profile of underserved treated at SDHSU (Retrospective Cohort)
  • Study of evaluating cognitive trajectories of individuals with Alzheimer's Disease across racial and ethnic groups

Research Pipeline at SUNY Downstate

Other Research Studies & Clinical Trials outside of SUNY Downstate