Senior Year Intramural Electives

How to Register for Senior Year Intramural Electives

Senior year intramural electives (electives listed in the Course Catalog on-line) will be scheduled through myDownstate Student Information System using time tickets, or by the Elective Add/Drop form after June 1. The Clinical Schedule Planner (described below) must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in order for the student to be eligible to be registered for the selected electives.

Clinical Schedule Planner

You will plan your senior year schedule with your clinical assistant dean. Together, you will complete your Clinical Schedule Planner. This will be your tentative schedule for your senior year. If you are uncertain which electives you will be able to obtain, you should list more than the minimum number of courses you plan to take on your Clinical Schedule Planner. Your Clinical Assistant Dean will be signing off on the overall list of courses.

Indicate any proposed "vacation" (unscheduled) time on the form that you may wish to use for residency interviews, vacation, studying for and taking Step 2 CK and CS or other purposes. Also indicate any planned extramural (away) elective time periods on your form and where you desire to take the elective. You do not have to have the extramural elective approved to indicate it on the form -- we just need to know the time periods that you plan to take your extramural electives.

There will also be departmental residency advisement meetings all during the month of April for students to attend. These meetings will include information such as: what criteria for selection are used in the specialty by residency programs, what is a desirable fourth year program of study for students entering the specialty, how competitive is the specialty, how many audition electives should be taken in the specialty, and what residency advising is available in the department here.

Please remember that you must take 9 or more credit hours during the period July 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009 in order to be considered a full-time student for the Fall 2009 semester. You may consider extramural electives in this calculation as long as your Extramural Elective paperwork for any extramural electives scheduled for the Fall, 2009 semester is completed and on file with the Office of the Registrar by July 1, 2009 or at least one month prior to the start of your away elective or research.

Modification of the Senior Year Schedule

Any change to the initial Senior Year Program after it has been submitted to the Office of the Registrar requires the submission of a completed Elective Add/Drop form. The Elective Add/Drop form is also required to change subinternships. There is a separate form for one-to-one switches for the Primary Care II course.

Adding or Dropping an Elective

An elective may not be dropped if doing so would reduce the elective below the stated minimum enrollment. A course may not be added if it is already full for the desired period, unless the elective preceptor grants special permission. Any changes in course schedules such as adding and dropping electives must be made in advance. No retroactive credit will be given. There are no exceptions.

The Office of the Registrar maintains a list of all active electives and their enrollments. Students may add and drop electives directly with the Office of the Registrar by reviewing the electives listing to ascertain space availability. When space is available, Office of the Registrar staff can add an elective to a student's schedule.

Courses that are added or dropped after the add/drop period (see Add/Drop Deadline to follow) require permission and signature by the elective preceptor and a payment of a late fee. This includes extramural and tailor-made electives. This policy is described in a subsequent section of this book.

Students may drop an elective course without incurring an academic penalty after notifying the instructor of the course with the use of the "Elective Add/Drop" form. The course should be dropped according to the Add/Drop Deadline policy to follow. A course CANNOT be dropped after the first day of classes; the student will be withdrawn from the elective, and a "W" will be placed on the student's transcript.

Any student withdrawing from a course without the course instructor's approval, and without filing an appropriate "Elective Add/Drop" form with the Office of the Registrar, will receive a "WF" grade. The "WF" grade is considered an academic deficiency and is subject to review under the rules of promotion and graduation, as are all deficient grades received by any student.

Failure to complete an Elective Add/Drop form deprives other students of selecting the elective. It is also unfair to a department that is expecting a student to take the elective as they may have made special arrangements to assure the student will receive a good learning experience.

Add/Drop Late Fees

SUNY policy mandates the collection of an "Add/Drop Late Fee" of $20 per transaction after the designated Add/Drop period. For the purpose of this regulation, the following dates have been established for the collection of this fee, click link.

Restrictions on Dropping Subinternship/Electives

Note that some subinternships/electives indicate in their description that the subinternship/elective may not be dropped unless another student is willing and available to take the place of the student interested in dropping the elective. This should be kept in mind before signing up for an elective which has this requirement.

Withdrawal from any subinternship requires 8 weeks prior notice (all sites) due to rearrangement of ward schedules. A rescheduled date is REQUIRED on the Add/Drop form when dropping the only subinternship for which you are registered.