Clerkship Course Evaluations and Grade Change Policy

If a student disagrees with a preceptor's evaluation or wishes to question the final clerkship course evaluation or grade, the student must first meet with the clerkship course director or designee to discuss any concerns. If there are still concerns after that meeting, the student may schedule an appointment to meet with the department chair. The department chair's decision is final. It is important to remember that an "evaluation" is an evaluation of the student's academic work by the faculty, and may include both positive comments and areas needing improvement.

It is not considered appropriate for students to approach preceptors, attendings or residents on an individual basis to review or adjust their comments. All discussions regarding clerkships must be conducted through the clerkship course director or the department chair.

If a change is made to a grade or an evaluation after the Office of the Registrar receives the official grade, the change must be accompanied by a "Change of Grade Form". A change after the fact, to a subjective evaluation, will not result in a grade change unless a grade calculation error was involved.

A student has one month after the official grade is submitted to the Office of the Registrar to challenge a grade with a clerkship director. After the month deadline, the grade and evaluation comments are considered FINAL and no change can be made.