Online Out of State Rates

Beginning Fall 2020, the non-resident online tuition rate will be charged to students taking courses in exclusively online academic programs that have been previously approved by the Provost’s Office and registered by the New York State Education Department.  These programs are in distance education format, consistent with the student’s intention to take courses exclusively online at the time of application and matriculation toward the degree/advance certificate. Students who are non-residents whose intent is to be on campus learning, but may be studying remotely, will be charged the nonresidential rate, which is a different rate from the “online” rate.  Approved online academic programs offered at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University are listed below. 

New York State resident students enrolled in online academic programs will be charged the tuition rate for resident students, which can be found on the Tuition and Fees page

SUNY Legal Counsel Guidance: 
Based on the legislative history of the online rate, which is set forth in NYS Education Law §355(2)(h)(4), it is clear such rate was intended only for those online courses in programs that are exclusively online. The legislative intent was to apply such rate to courses in programs that are exclusively online for students with no intention of coming to learn on a campus.

Approved online academic programs offered at SUNY Downstate

 Program Code

Program Title


Climate Change and Planetary Health


Clinical Epidemiology


Family Nurse Practitioner


Global Health


Health Informatics




Occupational Therapy


Physician Assistance (completion program)


Public Health


Public Health Geriatrics


Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner



Degree Type Per Credit Rate Full Time Rate
Undergraduate $353 per credit $4,240 per semester
Graduate $565 per credit $6,785 per semester
Master of Health Administration $698 per credit $8,380 per semester
Doctor of Nursing Practice $1,281 per credit

$15,370 per semester

Doctor of Occupational Therapy $1,219 per credit

$14,630 per semester