Entrance/Exit Interview Process

Entrance Counseling

The Bursar’s Office is required to inform you of your rights and responsibilities as a Campus-based Loan borrower (NSL, LDS, PCL and Wax Loan). The following must be completed to disburse loan funds to your student account:

  1. Login to your Banner Portal to accept the Nursing Student Loan, Loan for Disadvantage Students, Primary Care Loan and the Wax Loan.
  2. Once you’ve accepted your Loans on Banner Portal, email your Entrance Interview Counselor to request your loan disclosure forms. Because the disclosure Statement (also called Truth in Lending Statement) is specific to your loan account, you must formally request the Disclosure forms through emailing the Entrance Interview Counselor (email link provided above). You will receive your loan documents via email attachment.
  3. Download and complete your exit interview packet. Note: please read and follow all provided instructions as incomplete packets will not be accepted.
  4. Complete, review and submit the following forms together.
  5. Schedule your Meeting using the button below:

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Exit Counseling

SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University students who have borrowed the Nursing, Loans for Disadvantage students, Primary Care and the Wax loans who are graduating, taking a leave of absence, withdrawing, transferring from SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University or enrolled at less than half time are required to complete a loan exit counseling.

Student accounts will be put on hold until the exit interview is completed and received. Students will not be able to register, receive transcripts, grades, or a diploma.

Contact your Exit Interview Counselor by scheduling an appointment now!!

Please note: This exit interview is NOT the same as the Office of Financial Aid exit interview. Contact Financial Aid for more information on their exit interview process.

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