Financial Information

Full-time students (both PhD and MD/PhD candidates) are offered financial support in the form of a full tuition scholarship and a graduate assistantship. MD/PhD College of Medicine tuition scholarships are provided only at in-state rates.

The standard graduate assistantship for students enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies the 2023-24 academic year (paid as long as the student remains in good academic standing) is $39,028 annually. Graduate Assistantships are provided to entry-level PhD and MD/PhD students from school-wide resources for the first two years. In subsequent years, the funds are provided through training grants, pre-doctoral fellowships, or research grants awarded to individual researchers. Once a student has a commitment from a funded thesis laboratory, loss of extramural funding by the thesis advisor has never been a cause for a student to change his/her thesis project or laboratory. The Graduate School is committed, under those circumstances, to support the student's Graduate Assistantship. Please see Student Handbook about specific policies for student stipends.

Graduate students who demonstrate need are also eligible for the college work-study program, and other forms of loans, scholarships, and financial assistance. For further information, see the Office of Financial Aid.

Tuition and Fees

The current schedule of tuition and fees are located here: Office of the Bursar Student Life and Services. Currently all matriculating students receive a full tuition scholarship. Student fees, on the other hand, are the responsibility of the student: An annual college fee is required for all full-time students, as are a Student Activities Fee and a Student Health Fee.

All financial obligations must be cleared prior to completion of each academic year. Students who have not cleared their account will not be allowed to register, receive a transcript or letter of recommendation, have academic records certified, be granted a leave of absence, or have a degree conferred.

Estimate of Expenses

Expenses vary depending on the general lifestyle of the student, on-campus and off-campus living arrangements, and the selection of books, equipment, and course materials. The graduate student stipend approximately matches our estimate of living expenses. Estimated single student budgets are available on the Office of Financial Aid website.