Information for Residents as Teachers

"Doctor" from the Latin 'docere' meaning "to teach."

Doctors are not just healers but also teachers. And, it is during residency and fellowship training that doctors are made, taught the art of medicine and given the skills for a productive life-long profession. Intrinsic to that is the role of teacher: of patients, of the public, of peers, of colleagues, of students and of self. At SUNY Downstate, residents and fellows are appointed as faculty to the title of Clinical Assistant Instructor. With this professional title and as a doctor, respecting, appreciating and fulfilling your responsibilities necessitates understanding learning, knowing about teaching, and endeavoring to advance the knowledge, skills and behaviors of all those around you in while maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards. Through this page, you will find important information, resources and links that you will need to satisfy these expectations.


Resident Teaching

Policy Against Mistreatment

Duty Hours

Curriculum Educational Objectives