Reappointment Requirements


Residents should report to the GME House Staff Office before the end of May to ensure that the credentialing file is in order. Physicians ID cards will be renewed upon completion of the credentialing review. Continuing house staff physicians are required to have on file an updated health clearance and house staff agreement and visa if applicable.

Guidelines to Follow When Appointed to Or Changing Payroll

All residents are appointed as Clinical Assistant Instructors at SUNY-Downstate but are salaried by an affiliated hospital. Residents being appointed to the same program for a period of accredited training are expected to remain on the same salary source unless otherwise approved by GMEC (based on request of the Program Director for appropriate circumstances and with agreement by resident. Requests for pay source transfer must specify a reason determined to be valid by GMEC and assures that the resident experiences no interruption in insurance benefits, the resident receives appropriate salary for PGY level and must be accompanied by a letter from the resident assenting to the pay source change.

Most participating institutions require residents on payroll to attend mandatory orientation programs. Residents appointed to or transferring to SUNY SUH or SUNY IFR are required to attend a mandatory orientation and complete a credentialing review prior to being placed on SUNY payroll. Orientation is generally held on Thursdays and Fridays of the SUNY pay week period. NYS law also requires attendance of all new employees be verified by signing in on the first day of employment.

Failure to attend the mandatory orientation session or to sign-in on day one can result in significant delays in the house staff physicians' ability to start work, receive salary, be (re-)appointed and/or processed for payroll.