Current Residents

The SUNY Downstate Neurology Department has four class years of residents.  These four classes, within their defined graduation year, are shown below.

Adult Neurology


photo of Josephe Honorat

Josephe Honorat, MD

photo of Ahatjon Juraboev

Ahatjon Juraboev, BM

photo of Harika Korkusuz

Harika Korkusuz, MD

photo of Zheng Lan

Zheng Lan, MD

photo of Srinivas Medavarapu

Srinivas Medavarapu, MBBS

photo of Elizabeth Monohon

Elizabeth Monohon, MD

photo of Benjamin Morrison

Benjamin Morrison, MD

photo of Srinivas Ramaswamy

Srinath Ramaswamy, MD

photo of Yanal Shaheen

Yanal Shaheen, MD

photo of Patrick Wen

Patrick Wen, MD




photo of Lobna Abdelwahab

Lobna Abdelwahab, MBBCh

photo of Ashley Becker

Ashley Becker, MD

photo of Kereisha Donegal

Kereisha Donegal, MD

photo of Mohamed Eldokmak

Mohamed Eldokmak, MBCHB

photo of Ahmed Elsayed

Ahmed Elsayed, MBBCh

photo of James Hiana

James Hiana, MD

photo of Yohannes Mulatu

Yohannes Mulatu, MD

photo of Robert Sacks

Robert Sacks, MD

photo of Deema Sawass Najjar

Deema Sawass Najjar, MD

photo of Kush Shamar

Kush Sharma, MBBS

photo of Shruthi Sivakumar

Shruthi Sivakumar, MBBS



photo of Ahmed Siddig Ahmed

Ahmed Siddig Ahmed, MD

photo of Yookyeong Baek

Yookyeong Baek, MD

photo of Sonia Bellara

Sonia Bellara, MBBS

photo of James Chen

James Chen, MD

photo of Hyunah Choi

Hyunah Choi, MD

photo of Dylan Cohen

Dylan Cohen, MD

photo of Minhee Kim

Minhee Kim, MD

photo of Mao Liu

Mao Liu, MD

photo of Yousef Salman

Yousef Salman, MBBS

photo of Sania Shakil

Sania Shakil, MD

photo of Jonathan Solis Ramirez

Jonathan Solis Ramirez, MD



photo of Aashish Baniya

Aashish Baniya, MBBS

photo of Minjae Cho

Minjae Cho, MD

photo of Jack Grazi

Jack Grazi, MD

photo of Svetlana Kozlova

Svetlana Kozlova, MD

photo of Jung-Hyun Lee

Jung-Hyun Lee, MD

photo of Sanghyo Lee

Sanghyo Lee, MD

photo of Izabela Marczak

Izabela Marczak, MD

photo of Aparna Pariyadath

Aparna Pariyadath, MBBS

photo of Benjamin Stampfl

Benjamin Stampfl, MD

photo of Mouna Tahmi

Mouna Tahmi, MD

photo of Isil Saadet Yenice Balevi

Isil Saadet Yenice Balevi, MD



Pediatric Neurology

photo of Oke Nuratulahi, MD

Oke Nuratulahi, MD

photo of Devraj Chavda, MBBS

Devraj Chavda, MBBS



photo of Danielle Akinsanmi

Danielle Akinsanmi, MD

photo of Hend Abulsayen

Hend Abulsayen, MD

photo of Theodora Andriotis

Theodora Andriotis, MD


photo of Lisa Calvo

Lisa Calvo, MD

photo of Fatemeh Mohammadpour

Fatemeh Mohammadpour, MD

photo of Roshan Srinivasan

Roshan Srinivasan, MD