Oral/Poster Presentations & Publications

Research: Case Report
By Dr. Jennifer Park

Preceptor: Dr. Sidhu

Acute immune mediated thrombocytopenia secondary to both Oxaliplatin and Irinotecan Therapy: A Case report

Research: Poster Presentation to CHEST (Submitted)
By Dr. Francis Christian

Pleuropulmonary Tuberculosis Presenting with Ruptured, Fistulized Scrofula

Research: Clinical image (To be submitted)
By Dr. Francis Christian

Pyoderma Gangrenosum: An uncommon cause of cutaneous ulceration

Research: Abstracts to be submitted
By Dr. Richard Huang

Natural history of unresected pancreatic cysts in a VA population.

Outcomes of nonresected IPMN and it's risk factors of growth and malignant transformation in Afro-Caribbean population.

Research: To be submitted for ACG 2015
By Dr. Richard Huang

Preceptor: Dr. Evan Grossman

Gastric volvulus presented as myopericarditis.

Research: To be submitted for ACG 2015
By Dr. Richard Huang

Preceptor: Dr. Garrett Lawlor

Statin use and race impact adenoma and right-sided polyp dectection in a Veteran population.

Research: 2nd author and presenter at NYSGE 2014
By Dr. Richard Huang

Preceptor: Dr. Garrett Lawlor

Hepatitis C, Statin use and Diabetes Impact Adenoma Detection and Polyp Size at Colonoscopy.

Research: First author and presenter at ACG 2014
By Dr. Richard Huang

Preceptor: Dr. Evan Grossman, Dr. David Lee

A rare complication of peptic ulcer disease: Spontaneous Choledochoduodenal Fistula.

Research: 3rd author, presented at DDW 2014
By Dr. Richard Huang

Preceptor: Dr. Garrett Lawlor

Predictors Of Right-Sided Polyp Growth In A Veteran Population

Research: 2nd author, Case Report in Journal of Cardiology & Current Research
By Dr. Jeffy Kalavelil

Preceptor: Dr. Abbas Shehadeh

Acute focal Myocarditis with Preserved Ventricular Function Masquerading as Acute ST-elevation Inferior Wall Myocardial Infarction (PDF File)

Research: To be published
Dr. Joshy Pathiparampil

Preceptor: Dr. Lazaro

Corticosteroid injections in the VA population: a safer treatment modality for joint pain.

Research: Submitted to upcoming chest conference
By Dr. Aleem Surani

Preceptor: Dr. Sulqarnain and Dr. Landman

A Rare Case of Septic Embolic Pulmonary and Renal Disease Secondary to Hypervirulent Klebsiella Pneumoniae From a Lower Extremity Skin Infection.

Research: Presentations/Publications
By Dr. Amit Bhanvadia

Amit Bhanvadia, Joy Yang, Mark Smith, Zachary Marwil, Evan Grossman, Laura Martello-Rooney, Eric Alm, Garrett Lawlor. "Shifts in the Microbiota Following Antibiotic Therapy for Clostridium difficile." Poster to be presented at ACP International Meeting 2015, Boston Convention Ctr, Boston, MA.

Amit Bhanvadia, JoyYang, Mark Smith, Zachary Marwil, Evan Grossman, Laura Martello-Rooney, Eric Alm, Garrett Lawlor. "Shifts in the Microbiota Following Antibiotic Therapy for Clostridium difficile." Platform presentation at UHB Annual Research Day 2015, SUNY-Downstate, Brooklyn, NY.

Amit Bhanvadia. "Complicated Sepsis: Morbidity and Mortality Conference." Presented at M&M Conference at Kings County Medical Center May 2014, Kings County Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY


Research: Ongoing Projects By Dr. Amit Bhanvadia

"Characterization of the Colonic Microbiome in Patients pre- and post treatment in the Intensive Care Unit." Brooklyn VA Ctr., IRB approval-pending.

"Analysis of Gut Bacteria in Patients with Clostridium Difficile Infection Associated Diarrhea." SUNYDownstate/Kings County Medical Ctr. IRB-approved, sample collection ongoing.

"Variations in Colonoscopy Quality and Adherence to Accepted Guidelines between Private Gastroenterologists, GI fellows, and Colorectal Surgeons." Kings County Medical Center, retrospective chart reviews ongoing.

"miRNA Profile as a Prognostic Marker for Chemo-preventive Resistance in Colon Cancer." SUNY Downstate IRB-approved, retrospective chart reviews ongoing.

Research: Case Report in Case Reports in Medicine
By Dr. Alexander Mironov

Preceptor: Dr. Ghassan Jamaleddine

Acute Onset of Psychosis in a Patient with a Left Temporal Lobe Arachnoid Cyst (Link »)

Research: Received grant through Specialty Care Services dept. of the National VA
Dr. Naureen Kabani

Preceptor: Dr. Lazaro

Specialty Care Services Musculoskeletal Mini-Residency Program.

It's a program designed to train primary care physicians on shoulder and knee pain and interventions on those joints, including joint injections. We will be training PCPs at the Brooklyn VA-affiliated CBOCs (Community Based Outpatient Clinics) in 3-day sessions between June-August 2015. We are also working on research related to the documentation of musculoskeletal complaints by residents, currently working on the IRB protocol. Also, after the end of the grant project, we will do research on the effect of the mini-residency.

Research: Ongoing projects
By Dr. Jesse Kane

Preceptor: Dr. Jason Lazar

1. Morbidities associated with the utilization or discontinuation of medications used in congestive heart failure during hospitalizations that have resulted from CHF exacerbations or complications of the disease process.

2. Studying the macro and microvascular changes associated with diabetes mellitus and sickle cell disease.

Research: To be submitted
By Dr. Orel Benshar

Preceptor: Dr. Evan Grossman

Incidence of adenomas or CRC in African American patients ages 45-49 as compared to age group 50-54 and 55-59.

(ACG currently recommends starting screening for CRC at age 45 for African Americans but most other GI societies have not so we are trying to show that there is equal incidence in adeomas in patients younger then 50 to support ACGs guidelines)

Research: Abstract/Poster presentation submitted to Amer Soc of HTN
By Dr. Carla Grace Benjamin

Preceptor: Dr. Jason Lazar

Effects of Lower Body Weight Support on Arterial Hemodynamics and Wave Reflection in Patients with Heart Failure.

Research: Review article to be submitted
By Dr. Carla Grace Benjamin, Dr. Behram Mody, Dr. Phani Surapaneni, Dr. Jay Patel

Diastolic dysfunction-Arterial stiffness

Research: Ongoing project
By Dr. Babak Baseri

Preceptor: Dr. Raajit Rampal (MSK)

Role of radiation therapy in myeloid sarcoma