Entry Pathways

Regular Admission

Brooklyn College BA/M.D.

In association with CUNY Brooklyn College, academically qualified high school seniors may be selected for admission to this Brooklyn College Honors Program. Students who successfully complete BA/MD program requirements are guaranteed admission to the first year medical school class at SUNY Downstate. Interested prospective BA/MD students must apply through the Brooklyn College admissions office.

Early Decision

If you are interested in SUNY Downstate, you may apply as an Early Decision applicant and receive your admissions decision by October 1 of the application year. Early Decision applicants apply only to SUNY Downstate by August 1 of the application year. If the applicant is not accepted as of October 1, he/she may apply to other medical schools as desired.

Post-Baccalaureate Linkage Programs

Applicants attending the post-baccalaureate programs at Columbia University, New York University, Temple and Bryn Mawr College may apply under a linkage agreement to SUNY Downstate. Accepted applicants under this program enter medical school one year earlier than under usual application procedures. For more information, contact the Premed Advisor for the post-baccalaureate program at the respective institution.


This is a dual degree program (AMCAS Program Type = Combined Medical Degree-PhD), which combines a medical education with an intensive research experience. It is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine. Students are supported with a stipend and a tuition scholarship throughout the duration of the program. A completed application should be on file as early as possible after September 1. The application deadline is December 1 of the application year.

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This is a concurrent degree program (two degrees pursued simultaneously‚ÄĒAMCAS Program Type = Combined Medical Degree-Graduate). Accepted applicants begin their MPH studies in June of the summer they begin medical school and may complete the requirements for both degrees in the same four year period. The emphasis of the MPH program is on urban health issues. Application deadline is May 1 for the MPH June class. MD/MPH students may only begin the concurrent degree with the MPH June class.

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