Application Review

Initial Review

The Admissions Committee will make an initial review of your application. Applications are not reviewed in the order that they are completed, so there may be a considerable delay between when your application is complete and when you are notified of your admissions status.

All notifications are sent by email to the email address listed on your AMCAS application. Make certain that you adjust your spam blocker to receive email from

Requests for Additional Information

The Admissions Committee may request additional information from you to assist in the evaluation of your credentials. It is your responsibility to routinely review the Status section of your Admissions Portal. Action Items will be reflected on your Application Checklist and you may submit the requested information via the Document Upload section located in the left menu bar in your Admissions Portal. This is the preferred method to submit any requested information. After the additional information is received, the Admissions Committee will re-review your application.

If you are asked to submit an additional letter of recommendation from a faculty member, the letter should be submitted by AMCAS letters and you or the faculty member should notify us by email at when it has been submitted to AMCAS letters.

Make certain you include your name and AAMC ID on any items that are submitted. If you have been asked to submit a fall grade report, it is not necessary to send an official transcript but make certain that the fall grade report includes course number, department abbreviation or name, the title of the course (not just a course number), the number of credit hours, and grade received. If your grade report does not provide this information, include a statement from you, which explains the abbreviations on your grade report. Upload the requested information via the Document Upload section in your Admissions Portal.

Interviews and the Interview Day

Interviews are scheduled beginning after Labor Day. We will be conducting virtually into the first half of the spring semester. We schedule interviews Mondays–Thursdays.Interview invitations are sent to the email address on file with AMCAS.

Given the current pandemic all tours will be suspended until further notice.We will however be coordinating virtual chat sessions throughout the interview season with our currently enrolled medical students as part of the interview day.

We will begin to render admissions decision mid February 2025. It is not unusual for an applicant to wait several weeks before notification of their status. We will only send written notification of their status to the address listed on their AMCAS application. Applicants who are interviewed between mid-January 2025 – April 2025 should expect a decision late Spring.