Garry S. Sklar, M.D.

In appreciation for his commitment, dedication and enduring contributions to SUNY Downstate.

Sklar photo

Garry S. Sklar, M.D.

Dr. Garry S. Sklar generously endowed SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University with a Professorship in Anesthesiology, The Garry S. and Sarah Sklar Professorship in Anesthesiology.

Early in his distinguished career, from 1974 through 1978, Dr. Sklar served as an attending anesthesiologist at the Medical Center. While working at Downstate Health Sciences University and Kings County Hospital, Dr. Sklar administered anesthesia during many surgical procedures rarely seen elsewhere. In confirming his gift to SUNY Downstate, Dr. Sklar has said, "The four and a half years I was employed there [at Downstate] were very fruitful years which truly provided a firm foundation for my entire professional career. I trust this endowed chair will encourage young doctors to advance the body of knowledge of our specialty."

We are truly grateful to Dr. Sklar for his generosity and for the generations of future anesthesiologists who will be educated thanks to the munificence of the Garry S. and Sarah Sklar Professorship in Anesthesiology.