Market Share Analysis

The Planning Office has access to the Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS) data through the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) database. Through this database, the office can generate a number of reports including market share, healthcare trends and clinical forecasting.

SPARCS is a comprehensive all payer data reporting system that was established in 1979 as a result of cooperation between the healthcare industry and government. The system was initially created to collect information on discharges from hospitals.

SPARCS currently collects patient level detail on patient characteristics, diagnoses and treatments, services, and charges for each hospital inpatient stay and outpatient (ambulatory surgery, emergency department, and outpatient services) visit; and each ambulatory surgery and outpatient services visit to a hospital extension clinic or diagnostic and treatment center licensed to provide ambulatory surgery services within New York State.

Types of Reports Available Through the HANYS Database:

  • Market share by facility and service line
  • Market volume
  • Facility volume
  • Outmigration of patients
  • Service area demographics
  • Physician specific reports
  • Market projections
  • Peer group reports