Strategic Planning

photo of Downstate at sunriseThe Planning Office is overseeing the five-year IMPACT 2030 campus-wide strategic planning process.

IMPACT 2030 is rooted in five distinct areas: education, clinical care, research and discovery, community relationships, and organizational change and transformation. Wide and diverse participation from across the campus set specific priorities in each of these five areas by establishing goals, objectives, and tactics. In addition, a dashboard was created to measure ongoing progress for each goal.

The IMPACT 2030 Strategic Planning process

The Office of Planning has played and will continue to play a central management role in the IMPACT 2030 Strategic Planning process, including:

  • Staffing of the five Working Committees and Steering Committee
  • Coordinating with an eternal consultant on all process components
  • Organizing the IMPACT 2030 retreat at the SUNY Global Center
  • Communicating the strategic plan
  • Overseeing plan implementation, including measurement and evaluation

Other Strategic Planning support

The Office of Planning can provide individual departmental support around strategic planning, through development of materials and facilitation of strategic planning meetings with specific assistance around development of:

  • Mission, vision and values statements
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Environmental scans
  • Goals, objectives and tactics
  • Implementation timeframes
  • Measurement for strategic planning initiatives