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Robert Leung Project Manager 718-613-8562
Brinda Prabhakaran ERP System Engineer 718-613-8272
Matthew Murtagh ERP HR/Supply Chain Lead 718-613-8505
Herve Blemur ERP Analyst 718-270-8023

Lawson Product Overview

Lawson enterprise software solutions focus on delivering competitive advantage and business flexibility. Lawson customers demand sophisticated, global business applications and services with low cost of ownership.  Lawson delivers complete solutions for complex enterprise processes, with product lines built and proven on the most advanced, open standard technologies. Lawson provides cross-industry applications such as Financials, Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence, and Supply Chain Management.

Lawson's Supply Chain Management

  • The Supply Chain Management Suite is designed to increase visibility and improve material flow through the supply chain by managing planning; scheduling; procurement and fulfillment for optimum service levels and maximum profitability.
  • Lawson’s Supply Chain Management copes as easily with the configuration of increasingly complex supply chains as it does with high volumes of simple transactions, using flexible tools to help with strategic decision making and operational control.

Lawson's Finance Suite

  • The Lawson Finance suite is designed for customers who want to capture, analyze and manage all financial information related to their companies' operations. It has specific appeal to the needs of product-centric, international, distributed organizations that require advanced, integrated functionality and that want to minimize administrative overheads.
  • Deriving much of its competitive advantage from the completeness and flexibility of the integration with the other suites, Finance includes integrated accounting, costing, cash management, budgeting, consolidation and transaction management functionality.
  • With rich functionality operating in multiple currencies and automatic management of local legislative differences, the suite's highly flexible accounting structures and processes provide a powerful tool to manage complex businesses.

Lawson Human Capital Management

Lawson Human Capital Management aims to transform the role of the Human Resources professional from an administrative and policy enforcing role to that of a strategic business partner. The Lawson HR product group is designed to deliver superior, simple and comprehensive products that offer an alternative to large complex ERP and standalone HR solutions. Lawson offers a standalone Human Capital Management solution or an integrated ERP to mid- and upper mid-market companies that seek alignment of people and processes with low total cost of ownership.

Lawson's Business Intelligence

Organization-wide reporting and analysis via role-based dashboards.

Lawson Business Intelligence is a suite that provides organization-wide reporting and analysis via role-based dashboards, helping to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Cross-functional data, both structured and unstructured from Lawson as well as other operational systems, comes together to provide sharply focused views comprising, financials, customers, internal processes and human capital. Users can navigate smoothly from alerts to interactive analysis down to detailed reports and even to the transactions with Lawson Drill Around®, all while maintaining the context that's critical to root cause analysis.

Lawson Enterprise Resource Planning Application

Lawson Enterprise Resource Planning Application - July 2008 Roll Out - Effective July 1, 2008, Downstate Medical Center will be live on a new Finance and Purchasing/Inventory system for Pharmacy. This is an exciting first step in an implementation that will replace all of Downstate's current Financial, Procurement, and Human Resources systems over the next year. With the new system, several changes will occur across the campus, phased in over time. The State "Account" numbers and "Object" codes have been expanded to allow for additional reporting and management of our financial and managerial processes. Sub-accounts are added where necessary to increase the granularity with which we can report. [More]

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