Accounts Payable Vendors

Vendor Electronic Payment

Vendors doing business with the State of New York can register and receive electronic payments based on your approved Contract or Purchase Orders by registering for electronic payments with the NYS Office of the State Controller (OSC). Once filed and approved all NYS payments to that vendor will be made electronically. To learn more and enroll go to: OSC Electronic Payments

Vendor Payment Status Inquiries

Go to Downstate's State Accounts Payable Page

Vendors Doing Business With NYS: Maintain Your Company Info on file at NYS Office of State Controller

Vendors doing business with NYState must maintain their company information on the OSC System.

Go to NYS-OSC vendor website.

Additional Vendor information and resources are available on the DHSU Procurement Department's Vendor webpage.


Vendors Submitting an Invoice for STATE funded Procurement

All Vendors Must Mail Invoices to:


SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Accounts Payable; MailStop 54
450 Clarkson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098
Fax 718-270-3375


A Valid Invoice MUST INCLUDE:

A valid SUNY-DHSU Issued Purchase Order or Contract Number with its available funding, and

Vendor's Complete Remittance mailing address. Note: Vendors who have signed up for NYS Office of State Controller electronic payments will receive all their payments via that electronic payment process.

Invoices received that do not meet these requirements will be Returned to Sender.


DMC Staff: End User Department Staff Payment Authorization Requirements

How the End User Department can help expedite vendor invoice payments:

1. Make sure the DHSU Purchase Order or Contract has been approved prior to the vendor shipment.

2. If the vendor has fully complied with all DHSU Central Receiving Incoming Shipment Requirements (valid PO or Contract number on shipping label, detail packing slip on exterior of box), the Central Receiving unit will be able to process a Central Receiving electronic receipt for the specific goods received. When shipment is recived, the end user department recipient will sign the Central Receiving,. Receving form, (Web Receive or Lawson.) End user must ensure that a valid purchase order or contract with adequate funding is available for the approved invoice. This allows Accounts Payable to timely process the vendor's invoice when it is received. 

Note: If there is any discrepancy in the receipt, be sure to report the discrepancy to Central Receiving within 48 hours.

3. If the vendor has NOT fully complied, a manual Central Receiving form will be used to process the internal delivery to you. In these cases, the end user department head MUST send payment authorization (a signed 'ok to pay' copy of the purchase order) to Accounts Payable. If the departments fails to do this, it will delay the processing of the vendor's invoice; Accounts Payable will need to send to your department for signature to authorize the payment.

4. For invoices with any 'service component' including vendor direct delivery to the internal destination for installation, as well as all service invoices where no goods or merchandise is received through Central Receiving, the end user department must send payment authorization (signed copy of PO indicating 'ok to pay') to Accounts Payable. Doing so will avoid the additional delay of sending the vendor invoice to the department for such payment authorization signature.


Status of a Payment on a STATE funded Procurement

Vendor Invoices are processed by the Accounts Payable Agents per the following table.

Vendors are welcomed to contact the processing agent for specific questions. The main Accounts Payable telephone number is 718-613-8722


DHSU Staff: End User Department Payment Authorization Requirement

Please review the invoice, confirm services have been performed and pricing for the service is in accordance with your purchase order or contract. Ensure there is adequate funding available on the PO to pay the invoice/invoices. 

When approving invoice or invoices for payment, include the following:

Okay to Pay
Print your Name

If multiple costs centers/account numbers, please indicate dollar amount to be charged to each account.

NOTE: If for any reason the invoice is not to be paid, please e-mail Accounts Payable with any issues and we will notify the vendor.


Status of a Payment on a STATE funded Procurement. 

Accounts Payable Staff by Vendor (as of 7/25/2022)

Vendor Starts with Agent Phone
A,V Tanisha Ransom        (718) 270-1993
B, N, X, Y, Z Sherette Green        (718) 270-1992
C, S, U Angie Reyes        (718) 270-6791
D, F, I, T Al Benjamin        (718) 270-1125
E, H, J, K, W Linda Harris        (718) 270-1999
G, L, M Andy Destra
       (718) 270-1991
O, P, Q, R Dustin Augustus        (718) 270-4624
Asst Director Sharon Yamraj        (718) 613-8439
Exec Director Surbhi Shah        (718) 270-1990


Travel: DMC Instructions

State personnel traveling on State business is to be processed in accordance with DMC and NYS Travel regulations covered in the following documents. The associated Travel forms can be found in the "Forms" section.


When a Travel Voucher is submitted to A/P, the assigned A/P agent will correspond the traveler's last name as the vendor in table above.

NYS Travel Guidelines, current per diem rates, mileage reimbursement rates can be found on the NYS Controllers Website.

DHSU Travel Manual (PDF)



The following forms can be downloaded to your hard drive, then completed. You can save the completed form, then print. Once signed, submit hard copy completed form to A/P at MailStop 54:

DHSU Travel Approval Request , Page 2 Travel Guidelines

DHSU Travel Lodging Justification Form - for 'over the per diem rate'.

Travel Voucher (NYS OSC Form AC132s)

Statement of Meals Claimed Detail (NYS OSC Form AC3258S)

Statement of Incidental and Transportation Expense Detail (NYS OSC Form AC3259S)

Statement of Automobile Travel Detail. (NYS OSC Form AC160)

Travel Reimbursement for a Non-Employee (NYS OSC Form AC3257S)

NYS Hotel Tax Exempt Form (NYS Taxation & Finance Form ST129)

Standard Voucher (NYS OSC Form AC92, customized for DHSU)

Payee's Compliance with NYS Public Officers Law Form (customized for DMC)

Honoraria Service Form

Substitute W-9 Form