Institutional Review Board

The IRB Office staff members work on campus with a hybrid schedule. To limit social distancing, please request a virtual meeting by sending your availability to the Downstate IRB Office. For a faster response time please send an e-mail to one of the staff members (below) or send an e-mail to the Downstate IRB Office.

Members and Staff:

IRB Chairs and Staff Phone
Clinton Brown, MD, IRB Chair O: (718) 270-1729
Stanley Friedman, MD, Vice Chair O: (718) 270-1335
Jeannette Jakus, MD, MBA, Vice Chair O: (718) 270-1229
Kevin L. Nellis, MS, Executive Director, Human Research Protection & Quality Assurance

O: (718) 613-8461

M: (347) 352-2489

Diann Johnson, MPH, Associate IRB Administrator

O: (718) 270-4341

M: (347) 433-6656

Nikol Celestine, BA, CHRC, Associate IRB Administrator

O: (718) 270-4411

M: (929) 333-5280

Heather Jewett, BS, CIP, Associate IRB Administrator  M: (801) 810-6122
Nakih Gonzales, IRB Assistant

O: (718) 270-4372

M: (929) 267-3132

IRB Office

O: (718) 613-8480

M: (929) 267-3132

IRB Rosters:

Standard IRB Roster

Rapid Response IRB Roster (To be updated) 

To obtain a copy of a previous roster, please contact Nakih Gonzales for assistance.

IRB Consultants:

IRB Consultants

General Contact Information:

The Downstate IRB Office is located in the Basic Science Building (Room # BSB 3-26).

Visiting Hours & Appointments:

The IRB Office hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM, but may vary due to staff schedules.

Investigators may stop by at any time; however, appointments are strongly encouraged.