Biotechnology Training Programs

Training Workshop

BIOTECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP at Hunter College - (BIOL 410 / 610)

  • OVERVIEW: Workshop in biotechnology techniques (4-credit, 4-week) followed by a 3-month internship with stipend as well as job placement opportunities in a biotechnology company, biomedical research laboratory, or biotech-related field.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Biology students must be enrolled in or have taken a course in molecular biology.
  • WORKSHOP CURRICULUM: Project-oriented course where students learn state-of-the-art skills in cell and molecular biology. Lecture material focuses on the scientific foundation of each protocol and the broad medical application of cell and molecular biology to areas such as therapeutics, gene therapy, diagnostics and forensics.
  • INTERNSHIP: Students who successfully complete the Workshop with a grade of B or better are eligible to acquire additional skills and gain work experience through paid internships for a period of 3 months.
  • JOB PLACEMENT:  This program helps students develop their resumes and to obtain a position in a biotech company, research laboratory or a biotechnology-related field.
  • SCHEDULE: January Intersession and the month of June
    Dr. Patricia Rockwell
    Room 821 Hunter North
  • SEEKING AN INTERN/EMPLOYEE? Complete and submit request form to
    Dr. Patricia Rockwell
    Fax: 212-772-5227