Visitor Guidelines

General Visitation Rules

Visitor Guidelines (PDF)

Visitation guidelines are adjusted according to Institutional needs and directives from the New York State Department of Health. Visitors who do not abide by the guidelines will be removed from the premises.

ANY exception to this policy must be approved by the CMO, CQO, or the Senior Vice President of Hospital Operations.

Allowed visitors must be 12 years of age or older.

Allowed visitors must remain at the patient’s bedside throughout the visit unless directed by the Clinical Team to step out of the room and/or for infection control reasons.

Inpatient Units

  • Adult inpatients may have one (1) visitor at a time between the hours of 12 noon and 8 PM.

  • Adults with special needs such as intellectual or develo PMental disabilities may have one (1) visitor at a time. Special consideration will be made for the hours of visitationo.
  • Patients at the end-of-life will be permitted to have two (2) visitors at a time, with the ability to swap or exchange visitors at specified intervals. Special consideration will be made for the hours of visitation
  • Pediatric patients younger than 18 years old are permitted 24-hour visitation from one (1) parent or guardian. In addition, during regular visitation hours (12 PM to 8 PM) they are allowed both parents or guardian and one (1) additional visitor.
  • NICU patients are permitted visitation 24/7 by 2 parents or 1 parent and 1 support person (2 individuals wearing baby ID bracelet, one being the mother). Grandparents may visit during regular visiting hours (12 PM to 8 PM), however, only 2 visitors may be at the bedside at any given time. If the grandparents and parents and or support person arrive together, only two of the visitors may remain at the baby’s bedside, other visitors must remain in the parent’s lounge.
  • OBSTETRIC Patients: Significant other or support person, and a Doula may stay with patient from intrapartum through postpartum period if patient is in a private room. An additional support person may also stay with patient through the childbirth experience (labor) if requested by patient.
  • Postpartum visiting hours: 2 visitors, excluding the significant other or support person and Doula will take place during normal hospital visiting hours (12 PM to 8 PM)
  • COVID + and Monkey Pox patients are allowed one (1) visitor between the hours of 12 PM to 8 PM with appropriate PPE


Emergency Department: 

  • Adults patients may only have one (1) visitor

  • Pediatric patients are permitted to have both parents or guardian (s) present during the duration of the pediatric visit


Ambulatory Surgery / Ambulatory Procedures

  • Pediatric patients are permitted to have both parents or guardian(s) and or support person

  • Adult patient with develo PMent disabilities and or functional or cognitive impairment will be permitted to have (1) support person

Outpatient Clinics

  • No visitor will be allowed to accompany outpatient clinic patients, EXCEPT:

  • Pediatric patients are only allowed to be accompanied by one parent or guardian, if a parent or guardian has more than one pediatric patient with an appointment, both parents or two (2) guardians will be allowed
  • Adults with develo PMental disabilities such as intellectual, developmental and or functional or cognitive impairment may be accompanied by one (1) support person
  • Obstetrics patients with sonogram appointments may be accompanied by one (1) support person


Screening for Potential Visitors

  • Upon entry, visitors MUST wear a mask correctly covering the nose and mouth and practice social distancing.

  • Masks for visitors will be available at all entrances, if needed.
  • Allowed visitors MUST wear masks correctly at all times.
  • All patient(s) and allowed visitor(s) and support person(s) names are recorded and maintained, if needed for contact tracing.
  • Outpatients with the allowed visitor may enter through the 470 Clarkson Street or 445 Lenox Road entrances. They will be screened in the clinics.
  • Outpatients with a positive screen will be assessed by the clinical staff at the clinic level for any further interventions.
  • Allowed visitors for inpatients or ambulatory surgery will be screened at 445 Lenox Road using the Wellscreen system: Screening questions via Wellscreen are subject to change based on New York State Department of Health guidance.
  • Allowed visitors may be advised regarding how to perform appropriate and effective hand hygiene and the proper donning, doffing, and disposal of PPE and must adhere to such procedures.
  • Allowed visitors may be instructed to wear additional appropriate PPE on the nursing units, as needed.


Screening Results


  • Negative Screen = No to ALL Questions & Temperature below 100.0F (Inpatient/Ambulatory Surgery)
  • Adherence to Mask and PPE mandates
    • Issue visitor information sheet (for first- time visitors at 445 Lenox Rd)



  • Positive Screen= Yes to ANY Question & Temperature greater than 100.0F- (Inpatient/Ambulatory Surgery)
  • If visitors refuse to comply with MASK/PPE mandate


If potential visitor has a positive screening question or temperature, the person must be instructed to contact his/her healthcare provider or go to the Emergency Department in case of emergency.



Please Remember

  • Sanitize Hands
  • Maintain Social Distance
  • Wear a Face Covering or Mask
  • Get Vaccinated