Asthma Center of Excellence

I owe my life to the Asthma Center," says the Brooklyn resident. "Four years ago, I was on a breathing machine. Today, I sometimes forget I have asthma.

Henna Zacks


asthma attak illustrationAdult & Pediatric

(718) 270-4247

(718) 270-4AIR


Attendings (Pediatric Asthma):

Haesoon Lee, M.D.
Madu Rao, M.D.
Paul Harris, M.D.
Elana Altzman, M.D
Diana Weaver, M.D.

Physician's Assistants:

Gail Solomon, PA-C
Kathy Rey, PA-C

Nurse Practitioner:

Catherine Calaconis, FNP

Allergy/Immunology (Adult & Pediatric):

Rauno Joks, M.D.

Nurse Education Coordinator:

Orintia Johnson, RN


Yvonne Edwards


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