Student Council

The School of Public Health (SPH) Student Council is a student-led organization comprised of members from all backgrounds and educational programs. The mission statement of the SPH Student Council is to:

  • advocate for SPH student interests amongst the SPH administration and faculty;
  • promote professional development events and create opportunities for networking; and
  • build an inclusive community in which all SPH students feel welcomed and heard.

The SPH Student Council has monthly meetings open to the student body, with the date and time e-mailed in the week beforehand.

The SPH Student Council will also hold a monthly Social Hour over Zoom on the last Friday of every month!

Make sure to follow our Instagram account for additional events at @downstate_sphsc.

If there are any suggestions, questions, or if you are interested in joining, please email!

We look forward to getting to know you all and wish you a healthy and successful 2021!


Samiha Hussain

Samiha Hussain

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Degree Program & Concentration: Master of Public Health, Epidemiology

Email Address:

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Hello everyone! My name is Samiha Hussain and I am the current president of the SPH Student Council. l am a current MPH candidate with a concentration in Epidemiology and I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a minor in Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Stony Brook University. I decided to pursue my MPH because I wanted to learn more about how the social determinants of health affect women, especially in immigrant communities.

As President of the SPH Student Council, my goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming community in which all of our students feel represented and heard.

The SPH Student Council will always advocate for student interests but we would love to hear your thoughts on what needs to be changed! We have open meetings every month and a monthly Social Hour for students to share their ideas and to connect with other students. We also hold professional development events as well as community building events with members of our esteemed faculty. We hope you join us in the future!

To contact the SPH Student Council, please email

Follow us on Instagram @Downstate_sphsc to get event updates.

And please feel free to contact me at!

Fun fact: I like to stress bake (which unfortunately means I bake pretty often)!

Vice President

Janille M. L. Williams

Janille Williams

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Degree Program & Concentration: Doctor of Public Health, Epidemiology

Email Address:

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I was born and raised in St. George’s Grenada where I spent 6 years as a STEM teacher. Motivated by my mother’s death from breast cancer, I decided to pursue a career in medicine. As an undergraduate Biology student at St. George’s University, I conducted genetics research and realized I loved it. I decided to do an MD/MPH degree to gain more research experience. However, while taking MPH courses, I found my true passion - Epidemiology. I rather address health issues at the population level than treat patients individually. After my MPH, I completed an Epidemiology fellowship at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Delaware. Currently, I manage the Health Science Academy at the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban at SUNY Downstate. My previous and current research focused on immigrants’ health, health disparities, epigenetics, cancer disparities, pediatric trauma, and health science education.

As the Vice President, I provide support to the President and other e-board members. My main goal is to be a voice for SPH student body. I am the student member representative on the SPH Educational Policy and Curriculum Subcommittee.

I am a liaison between the students and faculty. Thus, it’s my duty to create a safe space/avenue for faculty and students to exchange ideas and listen to concerns. Additionally, to facilitate collaborations with faculty and students, I assist with organizing the student council led student faculty mixer.

My aim is to increase the number of DRPH students on the student council. I plan to do this through personal outreach to my classmates encouraging them to participate in workshops, social mixers and other student led activities.

Please feel free to contact me at or

Fun fact: I can play the steelpan instrument and I am currently writing a book of poetry.


Kristelle Pierre

Kristelle Pierre

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Degree Program & Concentration: Master of Public Health, Community Health Sciences

Email Address:

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Hello, my name is Kristelle Pierre, and I am an MPH candidate with a concentration in the Community Health Sciences. During my undergraduate career, I majored in the Biological Sciences and minored in Psychology. I also worked as a research assistant, focusing on Prostate cancer research. What prompted me to pursue an MPH was my desire to extend my knowledge beyond the biomedical sciences. Moreover, I wanted to understand the role of various determinants in shaping individual and population health as well as how to address health disparities among the marginalized communities.

In addition to being a full-time student, I am currently the Secretary of the SPH Student Council. I work collaboratively with my colleagues to host informational career development workshops and social programs for the SPH student body. Our goal with the SPH Student Council is to help build a community for students to openly engage with their peers and faculty through the events we host.

To bolster student engagement, we recently created an SPH Student Council Instagram page (@downstate_sphsc). I highly encourage my peers to get involved in the SPH Student Council, so check your email inbox for updates and do not hesitate to reach out to us on the SPH Sudent Council email!  

Fun fact: I recently took on learning Spanish, I enjoy watching Korean dramas and I love doing yoga.

Fun fact #2: Kristelle and Reekarl Pierre (who is the SPH Student Council Treasurer) are twins!


Reekarl Pierre

Reekarl Pierre

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His

Degree Program & Concentration: Master of Public Health, Epidemiology

Email Address:

My undergraduate and previous occupational experiences guided me to the field of public health. After experiencing and witnessing racial disparities in health, education, and policies in my communities, I wanted to know the cause of racial inequality and, most importantly, how to fix them. By pursuing an MPH, I am beginning to understand how different aspect of our environment can influence health and the impact of preventative care.

As the Treasurer, I monitor and evaluate the council’s finances and prepare our budget for events and projects throughout the semester. I also assist my fellow council members in whatever way I can to ensure that an event is as successful as possible. My main goal for the SPHSC is to make it easier for future executive board members to host events and complete projects. The short turnover rate for students makes it difficult for the SPH Student Council to create something concrete. With that said, I think it is essential for the SPHSC to have more events that are inviting to both students and faculty. These events will allow students, faculty, and SPHSC members to build a good rapport sooner rather than later.

Fun fact: I can play the violin.

Fun fact #2: Reekarl and Kristelle Pierre (who is the SPH Student Council Secretary) are twins!