Degree Programs

The MASTER of PUBLIC HEALTH (MPH) degree program can be completed on a full- or part-time basis. Students are required to take five core courses, as well as satisfy departmental matriculation requirements. In order to successfully complete the program, students must have finished 42 credit hours of course work (comprised of core courses, departmental core courses, and electives), including a one-semester field experience, as well as a culminating experience. Students may complete the program within as few as one, or as many as six years, with courses generally offered weekday evenings to accommodate those engaged in full-time employment.

The MD-MPH degree program gives medical students at SUNY Downstate the opportunity to earn a Master of Public Health degree at the same time they earn their MD degree. Coursework can be completed over three summers starting the summer before the 1st year of medical school or in a 12-month period between the 3rd and 4th year of medical school starting in either the summer or fall semester. Either way, the MPH gives a physician the power to do more. Obtaining an MPH degree gives physicians a broader understanding of dealing with health and health-care across a diverse population.

The DOCTOR of PUBLIC HEALTH (DrPH) is the terminal degree in public health and is taken on a part-time basis. Typically, students take 2 classes per semester. It is geared to those seeking positions of leadership in those areas of government, health care, or private industry concerned with public health. Students must complete the 45 credits required for the DrPH degree, including a 12-credit dissertation applying skills obtained in the classroom.

The ADVANCED CERTIFICATE in PUBLIC HEALTH program allows persons with a Bachelor's degree in any discipline to take the same 5 program core courses as our MPH students. It is geared to those looking to gain a basic foundation in public health, to expand their skill set, and update their resumes.

The ADVANCED CERTIFICATE in CLIMATE CHANGE AND PLANETARY HEALTH program is taken online in distance learning format. It consists of five 3-credit courses that each spans a semester. It provides students with training to characterize and assess impacts related to climate change and the anthropogenic effects on health and wellbeing through constructive strategizing for policy and positive change.

The ADVANCED CERTIFICATE in PUBLIC HEALTH GERIATRICS program is offered completely online with some courses offered in a completely asynchronous format and others in “live” sessions for students to interact directly with peers and instructors in real time. It is geared towards students who are interested in health and social issues that are relevant to the aging population at the local, national, and global levels.

The ADVANCED CERTIFICATE in GLOBAL HEALTH program is taken online in distance learning format. It consists of five 3-credit courses that each spans a semester. It provides students with foundational knowledge in understanding the determinants of health beyond national boundaries and an overview of research and practice that will improve health worldwide, reduce disparities and address global challenges. 

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