Timeline to Apply

TimelinePlease note: to prepare yourself for becoming the best possible candidate for admission, please refer to the timeline below so that your application for admission is submitted in a timely fashion and as complete as possible. This example timeline is designed to accommodate those who are new to a program of study, and have taken none of the prerequisite course requirements. Your situation may differ, particularly if you have completed most prerequisite course requirements. Please refer to our website for all Programs of Study information, including current deadlines.

Two Years Prior to Matriculation

June – July

August – September

  • Register for fall/winter term outstanding prerequisite courses See sample schedule (below)

One Year Prior to Matriculation

December – January

  • Register for winter/spring term outstanding prerequisite courses. See sample schedule (below)

May – June

  • Register for summer/fall outstanding prerequisite courses. See sample schedule (below)


August – September


Year of Matriculation

December – January

  • Submit all final transcripts from fall and/or winter terms in your online application using the Document Upload option
  • Register and submit proof of registration for any remaining prerequisite courses to be taken in the final spring term (if applicable). To be a viable candidate, you should have no more than one (1) science and two (2) other remaining prerequisites courses to complete. Please note the science courses highlighted in red below, which should be completed early in the process.

Sample Schedule

Calendar Physician Assistant
Year One: Fall A&P I w/lab
Chemistry 1 w/lab
Gen. Biology 1 w/lab
Year One: Spring A&P II w/lab
Chemistry II w/lab
Gen. Biology II w/lab
English Elective
Year One: Summer Microbiology w/lab
Gen. Psychology
English Elective
Year Two: Fall APPLY Upper Division Science
Humanities/Social Science
Humanities/Social Science
Abnormal or Lifespan Psychology
Year Two: Spring COMPLETE!