Admissions Requirements

Physician Assistant Master's PA Completion Post Professional (MS) Degree Program Criteria

  1. Baccalaureate degree in PA education from an ARC-PA accredited PA program or institution.
  2. Applicants may be required to hold or be eligible to obtain a license to practice as a Physician Assistant or eligibility for such licensure
  3. Two letters of recommendations are required. The letters must be from the following:
    1. A director of the Physician Assistant program from where you graduated; or a professional colleague
    2. A current supervising physician
  4. A minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.5 from an accredited PA Program
  5. Successful completion of the following two courses:
    • Research Methods (any course in Research methodology will be reviewed for acceptance)
    • Health Care Delivery (any course in Health Care Delivery will be reviewed for acceptance)
  6. Applicants must maintain active clinical practice experience
  7. A copy of your current resume/CV

Note: A personal interview with the Admissions Committee may also be required.