Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship

The Pediatric Nephrology training program at SUNY Downstate Medical Center is an ACGME accredited 3 year program which stresses clinical training in all areas of nephrology, and puts equal emphasis on the development of expertise in scholarly activity. The program currently is staffed by 3 full-time faculty, 3 Fellows in training, and a full-time Physician Assistant.

The clinical service assures training in all areas of inpatient and ambulatory pediatric nephrology, as well as providing a very active chronic hemo-and peritoneal dialysis program, renal transplantation, diagnostic renal biopsies, and experience in insertion of central lines for dialysis. Trainees develop expertise in the recognition and management of acute renal failure, acute dialysis modalities, nephrotic syndrome, hypertensive emergencies, as well as exposure to a variety of metabolic and renal tubular defects. Continuity of care is stressed in all of our clinical areas.

Scholarly activity is required of all trainees, and each is provided with a mentor and a scholarly oversight committee, and is assisted in producing hypothesis-driven research, both clinical and basic, leading to presentations of abstracts at national meetings and publication of manuscripts in peer reviewed journals. Trainees also receive formal education in areas such as epidemiology, biostatistics, effective teaching, and hands-on experience in learning how to navigate the health care system and administer a subspecialty program.

Close supervision and training is assured by Board-certified faculty, who are intimately involved in all aspects of the program.

Dr. Oluwatoyin
Division Director

Dr. Anil Mongia
Fellowship Director