International Emergency Medicine Fellowship

Mission Statement

The International Division promotes the advancement of emergency medicine through educational collaboration.  The division supports the goal of specific training in emergency medicine as a unique, independent discipline and is working to help other countries obtain specialty recognition. The division recognizes cultural differences and seeks to adapt our emergency medicine models to each unique project partnership.

Emergency medicine providers serve at the frontline of the healthcare system. As such, they play an important role in public health through patient education, linking patients to longer-term primary care, and serving as the safety net for disenfranchised, vulnerable populations. Our collaborative projects seek to elaborate locally sustainable emergency medical systems that provide a high level of care to patients in need.

The International Division utilizes the strengths and talents of all of the other divisions in the Department of Emergency Medicine. It is supported by SUNY Downstate, Kings County Hospital, and the non-profit organization EMEDEX International. As such, educational collaborations are offered in the areas of: curriculum development, residency education, emergency medical triage, disaster preparedness and management, emergency ultrasound, medical simulation, pediatric emergency medicine, toxicology, violence prevention, geriatrics, emergency department administration, and pre-hospital systems development.

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The SUNY Downstate International Emergency Medicine Fellowship educates emergency physicians in the development of emergency medicine systems abroad, establishment of emergency medicine as a specialty, international humanitarian work in emergency medicine, disaster medicine, and global public health. Fellows complete a two-year curriculum that includes a Masters in Public Health from the SUNY Downstate School of Public Health, participation in and leadership of active international projects, and development of new project proposals. Consideration will be given to the option of completing another Masters degree for candidates who have already obtained an MPH. The fellowship provides both the theoretical framework and the practical skills essential to a future career in international emergency medicine. The SUNY Downstate International Emergency Medicine Division works in partnership with EMEDEX International, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of emergency medicine worldwide.

The training will open career opportunities in:

  1. Leadership roles in academic emergency medicine centers
  2. Humanitarian, non-profit, and public health work
  3. Education and training in international emergency medicine
  4. Education and training in global public health
  5. Research in international emergency medicine and global public health
  6. International consulting and project development

Training Physician Scientists in Latin America

Medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty may participate in multi-national, cross-institutional research teams focused on neglected tropical disease and ultrasound in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and Brazil. The goal is to support new investigations and training physician scientists to create, evaluate, and interact with good research. Opportunities include virtual work, field work, and laboratory work.

Developing EM Conference

Medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty have the opportunity to be involved with the Developing EM Conference series, which brings high quality, cutting edge EM science to nations where EM is developing as a specialty. The conference team gets the opportunity to work with a diverse network of individuals across the globe as well as support the education and training of partner-nation and international collaborators.

Clinical Duties

Fellows will work as attending physicians of the Department of Emergency Medicine of SUNY Downstate Medical Center / Kings County Hospital Center. Fellows will provide attending supervision and teaching for the PGY1-4 residents in emergency medicine. Clinical time is 16 hours per week.
Academic Duties

  • Participate in and take leadership of active international projects (see for details of past and ongoing projects).
  • Develop a new project proposal in the fellow’s chosen area of focus, providing the fellow with
    experience in project concept development, grant writing and fundraising, evaluation methods, and project implementation.
  • Complete SUNY Downstate Masters of Public Health coursework.
  • Complete Health Emergencies in Large Populations (H.E.L.P.) course at Johns Hopkins
    Bloomberg School of Public Health.
  • Provide mentorship and expertise to students and residents pursuing international emergency
    medicine or global health.


  • Graduate of US-based accredited emergency medicine residency program
  • Qualified to work ED attending shifts

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline: November 15
  • Interviews: November 15-December 1
  • Fellowship Start Date: July 1

Application Requirements

  1. Current applicant CV
  2. Personal statement that describes applicant’s qualifications as a candidate for a fellowship in
    international emergency medicine, previous international experience, fellowship and career goals, planned contributions as a fellow at SUNY Downstate.
  3. Three names and contact information for reference (one should be the applicant’s residency
  4. Send application documents (by the above deadline) via email to Christina Bloem at with “International Fellowship Application” as the email subject line.

Fellowship Director Contact Information

Christina Bloem, MD MPH
Director, International Division
SUNY Downstate Department of Emergency Medicine
450 Clarkson Ave Box 1228
Brooklyn, NY 11203