The Annual Richard C. Troutman, MD Lectureship

photo of Richard Troutman

The Annual Richard C. Troutman, MD Lectureship was established in 2003 to honor the 6th Chief of the Division, Richard C. Troutman, who directed ophthalmology from 1956-1983 at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University.

This link to About Dr. Richard C. Troutman highlights much of his very distinguished career.

The Richard C. Troutman, MD Lecturers

June 2003 Kurt Buzard, MD
January 2004 George Waring III, MD
June 2004 Richard Lindstrom, MD
June 2006 Robert Weinreb, MD
January 2007 George Baerveldt, MD
June 2007 Sandra Belmont, MD
June 2008 Casimir Swinger, MD
June 2009 Ronald Gaster, MD
June 2010 Thomas Liesegang, MD
June 2011 Jayne Weiss, MD
June 2012 Mark Terry, MD
June 2013 Robert Osher, MD
June 2014 Terry Kim, MD
June 2015 Douglas Koch, MD
June 2016 Jay Pepose, MD, PhD
June 2017 Dan Durrie, MD