Services and Support


All DMC-owned machines including desktops, laptops, printers, telephones, BlackBerry, and peripheral devices.

Approved Hardware Quotes


We are authorized to install and configure only DMC-owned software on any computers. Users are required to provide proof of appropriate licenses or agreement.

Data & Voice Cabling

New data & voice cable installation, configuration including repairing and testing of existing line.


All Telecomm-related issues including new phone, relocation, voice mail, conference phone and blackberry services.


Provide basics computing training, on-line training and including all major enterprise applications.

Network and Applications Access

Service center is responsible to provide DMC network access and all business, clinical and educational applications.

Remote Access

Remote access to DMC network can be provisioned upon approval of your unit manger.

IT-Related Purchase

The support team will assist you with all of your pre-purchase; including reviewing and obtaining appropriate purchase quote from the vendor for your business and project needs.

Major Enterprise Applications

Including but not limited to Lotus Notes (eMail), SUNY Healthbridge, Eagle 2000, Lawson ERP, Cerner, PACS, T-System, CoPath, 3M, ResQ, RIS, GE Centricity, Athena, Laserfiche, SAP Business Objects, Prime, Banner, Angel, and Symantec Antivirus applications.

Please note that all IT-related purchases must be approved by Information Services.