About Us

About the Information Systems Customer Support Center

Our Vision

The SUNY Downstate Information Systems Customer Support Center will be recognized for excellence in technical support. Our superior service will be a competitive differentiator that will attract students, patients, and employees.

Our Mission

The SUNY Downstate Information Systems Customer Support Center provides a cost-effective single-point-of-contact for prompt, courteous, and responsive support for all information technology resources. We remove technical barriers to improve the capability of all employees to be effective and productive by:

  • Answering incoming calls quickly
  • Restoring service on the first contact for a high percentage of incidents
  • Escalating incidents that require additional expertise or an onsite visit
  • Following up on escalated incidents to ensure timely resolution and closure
  • Making accurate technical information and knowledge available through Self-service
  • Providing a superior customer service experience on every contact

Our Values

  • Respect, Compassion, Dignity and Fairness
  • Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Cultural Competency and Cultural Sensitivity
  • Teamwork, Collaboration and Partnership
  • Fiscal Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability