Castle Connolly Medical Ltd

University Physicians of Brooklyn Congratulates Our Castle Connolly TOP DOCTORS 2013

Many of our doctors have been recognized by Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd., the source for New York Magazine's annual Best Doctors issue.

Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd. helps consumers find the best healthcare in America. They publish a series of books, including Top Doctors New York Metro Area, America's Top Doctors, and America's Top Doctors for Cancer.

Additionally, many regional and national magazines draw upon the Castle Connolly database for their own publications, including New York Magazine's annual Best Doctors issue.

Antonio Alfonso, MD (Surgery)
John Amodio, MD (Diagnostic Radiology)
Michael Augenbraun, MD (Infectious Disease)
Theodore Avruskin, MD (Pediatric Endocrinology)
Richard Berry, MD (Dermatology)
Ivan Bodis-Wollner, MD (Neurology)
Jeffrey Borer, MD (Cardiovascular Disease)
Joshua Burack, MD (Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery)
Carl Cohen, MD (Geriatric Psychiatry)
Jeremy Coplan, MD (Psychiatry)
Joan Cracco, MD (Child Neurology)
Howard Crystal, MD (Neurology)
Barbara Delano, MD (Nephrology)
Spiro Demetis, MD (Pulmonary Disease)
James Deutsch, MD (Ophthalmology)
Lisa Dresner, MD (Surgery)
Earl Ellis, MD (Internal Medicine)
Alan Feit, MD (Cardiovascular Disease)
Jeffrey Freedman, MD/PhD (Ophthalmology)
Matthew Gesner, MD (Pediatric Infectious Disease)
Sharon Glick, MD (Dermatology)
Frank Gress, MD (Gastroenterology)
Matthew Hanson, MD (Otolaryngology)
Joon Ho Hong, MD (Surgery)
John Kassotis, MD (Cardiac Electrophysiology)
Mark Krotowski, MD (Family Medicine)
Douglas Lazzaro, MD (Ophthalmology)
Haesoon Lee, MD (Pediatric Pulmonology)
Steven Levine, MD (Neurology)
Paul Maccabee, MD (Neurology)
Mariana Markell, MD (Nephrology)
Scott Miller, MD (Pediatric Hematology-Oncology)
Howard Minkoff, MD (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
Suzanne Mirra, MD (Pathology)
Paul Pipia, MD (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Simon Rabinowitz, MD, PhD (Ped. Gastroenterology)
Daniel Rosenbaum, MD (Neurology)
Richard Rosenfeld, MD (Pediatric Otolaryngology)
Marvin Rotman, MD (Radiation Oncology)
Richard Sadovsky, MD (Family Medicine)
Moro Salifu, MD (Nephrology)
Morris Schoeneman, MD (Pediatric Nephrology)
Alexander Schwartzman, MD (Surgery)
Steven Schwarz, MD (Pediatric Gastroenterology)
Salvatore Sclafani, MD (Vas/Interventional Radiology)
Daniel Siegel, MD (Dermatology)
Steven Simon, MD (Dermatology)
Edward Smith, MD (Ophthalmology)
Charles Spero, MD (Orthopaedic Surgery)
Arnold Strashun, MD (Nuclear Medicine)
William Urban, MD (Orthopaedic Surgery)
George Vas, MD (Neurology)
Miriam Vincent, MD/PhD (Family Medicine)
Ramaswamy Viswanathan, MD (Psychiatry)