Best Doctors in America

University Physicians of Brooklyn Congratulates Best Doctors in America® 2011-2012

Best Doctors

Best Doctors in America has listed dozens of our physicians in its national database.

Through peer-to-peer surveys, Best Doctors, Inc. identifies specialists who are considered by fellow physicians to be the most skilled in their fields and most qualified for reviewing and treating complex medical conditions.

Only 5% of the doctors in any country are actually selected to become Best Doctors.

Charles Abrams, Neurology
Ovadia Abulafia, ObGyn
Antonio Alfonso, Surgery
Brian Anziska, Neurology
Michael Augenbraun, Infectious Disease
Alison Baird, Neurology
Mary Ann Banerji, Endocrinology & Metabolism
Audree Bendo, Anesthesiology
Jeffrey Birnbaum, Pediatric HIV
David Biro, Dermatology
Carl Cohen, Psychiatry
Jeremy Coplan, Psychiatry
James Cottrell, Anesthesiology
Joan Cracco, Pediatric Neurology
Howard Crystal, Neurology
Laura Dattner, Pediatrics
Barbara Delano, Nephrology
Dale Distant, Surgery
Stanley Fisher, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Ellen Ginzler, Rheumatology
Radha Giridharan, Pediatric Neurology
Sharon Glick, Dermatology
Nira Goldstein Pediatric, Otolaryngology
Arthur Grant, Neurology
Frank Gress, Gastroenterology
Margaret Hammerschlag, Ped. Inf. Diseases
Matthew Hanson, Otolaryngology
Steven Levine, Neurology
Paul Maccabee, Neurology
Mariana Markell, Nephrology
Lisa Merlin, Neurology
Hermann Mendez, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Scott Miller, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Katherine Mortati, Neurology
Anthony Nicastri, Pathology
Cedric Olivera, ObGyn
Steven Piecuch, Pediatric Critical Care
John Quale, Infectious Disease
Daniel Rosenbaum, Neurology
Richard Rosenfeld, Pediatric Otolaryngology
Marvin Rotman, Radiation Oncology
Todd Sacktor, Neurology
Steven Schwarz, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Mahendra Somasundaram, Neurology
Gina Taylor, Dermatology
Scott Tenner, Gastroenterology
Rebecca Twersky, Anesthesiology
Helen Valsamis, Neurology
George Vas, Neurology