SUNY Downstate Introduces “Library Giving Tree”

Nov 7, 2006

Honoring the generosity of those who have supported SUNY Downstate's Medical Research Library, SUNY Downstate recently unveiled its “Library Giving Tree.” The Giving Tree graces the left wall of the Library entrance. The wood and metal sculpture is adorned with the observation of the British essayist Augustine Birrell, “Libraries are not made, they grow.”

The Giving Tree addresses the growing research needs of students and faculty by paying respect to those who have contributed funds to the library and is inscribed with donors' names. These future endowments will allow the Medical Research Library to continue providing essential medical journals, books, and databases.

Dr. John C. LaRosa, president of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, pointed out that Downstate is the “only fully operational academic-medical library in Brooklyn.” Its unique collection traces back to Downstate's founding in 1860.

With a donation of as little as $25 patrons can have their name engraved in the Memory Book at the foot of the Giving Tree. Endowments between $20,000-$75,000 will be honored with inscriptions on paving stones, while endowments between $100-$9,999 will be noted with the names of donors on either a bronze, silver, or gold leaf. Special inscriptions on an acorn and tree branch are also available.

“It isn't how much you give,” Dr. LaRosa said, urging those in attendance to get their names on the Giving Tree.

“Our goal is that by next year, this time, every leaf will be filled,” said Dr. JoAnn Bradley, senior vice president for institutional advancement and philanthropy, adding, “As a matter of fact it is our goal that soon we'll have another tree on the other wall.”

For anybody interested in becoming apart of the Giving Tree or for more information contact 718-270-7410 for a “Giving Opportunities” brochure. Information is also available on the Downstate website, SUNY Downstate Medical Center is the only academic medical center in Brooklyn, serving more than 2 million people within the borough, and is located at 450 Clarkson Avenue.



About SUNY Downstate Medical Center

SUNY Downstate Medical Center, founded in 1860, was the first medical school in the United States to bring teaching out of the lecture hall and to the patient’s bedside. A center of innovation and excellence in research and clinical service delivery, SUNY Downstate Medical Center comprises a College of Medicine, College of Nursing, School of Health Professions, a School of Graduate Studies, School of Public Health, University Hospital of Brooklyn, and a multifaceted biotechnology initiative including the Downstate Biotechnology Incubator and BioBAT for early-stage and more mature companies, respectively.

SUNY Downstate ranks twelfth nationally in the number of alumni who are on the faculty of American medical schools. More physicians practicing in New York City have graduated from SUNY Downstate than from any other medical school.