Healthcare Administration Concentration


Apply Now for Spring 2023 Semester

Applications are currently open for the MPH Concentration in Healthcare Administration and will be accepted via the Centralized Application Service for Public Health (SOPHAS) for enrollment. All application process inquiries can be emailed to the School of Public Health at . Learn more about this program at our virtual information sessions via Zoom held twice a month. Register here for more details.

MPH Concentration in Healthcare Administration Fact Sheet


The goal of the MPH Concentration in Healthcare Administration is to prepare students to become effective leaders and managers across a wide array of healthcare settings. Graduates of this program will receive the skills to optimize team and organizational performance, especially in efforts to advance health equity. Students will learn to create evidence-informed decisions by accessing: (1) the best available evidence, (2) expertise of policy and clinical experts, and (3) input from the professionals and patients impacted. Particular emphasis is provided in leading organizations with skills in cultural humility, structural competency, and community engagement so as to advance social justice and health equity. Core concepts are taught through case-based and experiential learning opportunities as well as integration in an applied practice experience. The Masters of Public Health Concentration in Healthcare Administration will prepare the next generation of healthcare leaders with the skills in healthcare management, strategic development and leadership, and systems improvement to achieve our goal for equitable access to quality healthcare.


MPH students newly enrolled in Fall 2022 and later may select this as their MPH concentration. Students enrolled in the MPH program prior to Fall 2022 may transfer into this concentration pending departmental approval.

Course Requirements

Healthcare Administration Concentration Core Requirements

All students enrolling in the Health Policy and Management Concentration in or after Summer 2022 must complete the following Concentration core requirements below.

Course Number Course Title Credits Pre-requisite Courses
HCAD 5201 Introduction to Healthcare Administration 3 None
HCAD 5202 Healthcare Law and Ethics


HPMG 5206
HCAD 5203 Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement 3 HPMG 5206
HCAD 5204 Healthcare Quality and Improvement 3 HPMG 5206
HPMG 5203 Health Management Concepts 3 HPMG 5206

Healthcare Administration Concentration Electives

Students can choose elective courses from the list below. Students may also opt to choose courses from other departments to satisfy the elective requirements.

Course Number Course Title Credits Pre-requisite Courses
HCAD 5205  Health Information Management Systems 3 None
HCAD 5206  Healthcare Strategic Marketing 3 None
HCAD 5207  Public Health Foundations


HPMG 5206
HCAD 5209  Global Healthcare and Diversity 3 None
HCAD 5210  Disabilities in the Workplace 3 None