Applied Practice Experience (APEx) & Culminating Experience (CE)

Applied Practice Experience - 1 credit

This course is an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom directly in a fieldwork experience. The student will work at an approved external site, typically a local or state health agency or a local organization under the supervision of a public health professional. If a student is able to do a placement only in his or her regular place of employment, the assignment must extend beyond or be something other than his or her regular work duties and allow application of knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. This course is graded as PASS/FAIL. Students should plan to regsiter for this course in the semester in which they intend to complete it.

Course Number Course Title Credits Pre-requisite Courses
PUBH 6500 Applied Practice Experience 1 All Core Courses

Culminating Experience - 2 credits

The Culminating Experience allows the student to demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge and skills of the 5 core disciplines in a Final Project similar to some aspect of practice as a public health professional. The faculty uses the Culminating Experience to judge whether the student demonstrates mastery of the required MPH competencies. This course is grades as PASS/FAIL.

All MPH students must complete a Culminating Experience within their chosen concentration.

Course Number Course Title Credits Pre-requisite Courses
BIOS 6001 Culminating Experience in Biostatistics 2 All Core and BIOS Concentration Courses
CHSC 6001 Culminating Experience in Community Health Sciences 2 All Core and CHSC Concentration Courses
EOHS 6001 Culminating Experience in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences 2 All Core and EOHS Concentration Courses
EPID 6001 Culminating Experience in Epidemiology 2 All Core and EPID Concentration Courses
HPMG 6001 Culminating Experience in Health Policy and Management 2 All Core and HPMG Concentration Courses