Student Comments

Describe and/or list a few reasons why you chose to attend SUNY Downstate for your education.

  • Focus on clinical application.
  • Great reputation as school for health related professions & proximity to home.
  • Relatively inexpensive cost & highly esteemed program.
  • Small program size, location, helpfulness and friendliness of everyone.
  • Great location & good preparation for the real world.
  • Affordability, hopeful to do EI scholarship program, loved faculty, diversity of student body.
  • Top school, great for research, great program and teachers.
  • Heard wonderful things about the program; really want a masters degree.
  • Small class setting, personal relationships with faculty and staff.”
  • Dedicated faculty.
  • Small class size, hands on clinical experiences.
  • Heard good things regarding other students' experiences.
  • Good feel in the interview process, & school is a decent price.
  • Great program, small classes, low tuition, location, professionalism.
  • State school, connections to alumni.
  • Great education, warm environment, small classes, price, reputation in OT world.