SUNY Global Center Symposium Videos

Sense of Direction and the Cognitive Map. A Symposium Honoring James B. Ranck Jr. MD

Sept 9, 2016
SUNY Global Center, New York, NY

Sponsored by: SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University; Boston University

Dr. Mark Stewart's Welcome at The James B. Ranck, Jr., MD Symposium

Charles Nicholson
Brain Impedance, Stimulation, and Extrecellular Space

Lynn Nadel, PhD
Finding Our Direction in the Early Days of Cognitive Map Theory

Dr. John O'Keefe
Place Cells in the Hippocampus, Past and Present

Phillip J Best, PhD
No Kidding They Really Were Place Cells

John Kubie, PhD
The Hippocampus in Brooklyn; Head Direction Cells and Beyond

Bruce L McNaughton, PhD
Mechanisms of Place Field Formation Still a Mystery after all these year

Neil Burgess, PhD
Neural Mechanisms of Spatial Cognition

David W Tank, PhD
Place Cell Dynamics During Navigation

Jeffrey S Taube, PhD
Jim Got Me Headed in the Right Direction

György Buzsáki, MD, PhD & Adrien Peyrache, PhD
Jim's Work Pointed to the Right Direction

Nachum Ulanovsky, PhD
Neural Basis of 3D Goal Directed Navigation in Bats

Howard Eichenbaum, PhD
Ranck's Rule Reflections on the Behavioral Correlates of Hippocampal Neurons

Matt Shapiro, PhD
Place Cells and Memory

Wendy A Suzuki, PhD
How the Hippocampus Learns from Errors

André Fenton, PhD
Signal in the Noise Non Local Spatial Information in Place and Head Direction

Jim Knierim, PhD
Local Cue Influences on Place Cells Objects, Vectors, and Textures

Steven E Fox, PhD
Thoughts and Comments

James B Ranck, Jr, MD
Thoughts and Comments