About the Council

The Council is led by 3 peer-selected house-staff co-chairs, Priyanka Datta (EM), Olivia Beaubrun (Pedriatric EM) and Nur Ul-Ein (Psychiatry), and two overarching faculty advisors - Dr. Teresa Smith, Dr. Christina Pardo and Dr. Christina Guillen. It has 5 subcommittees (listed below). Each subcommittee will be staffed by 1 faculty advisor, 1-2 house staff representatives, and unlimited resident members.

Our sub-committees include

To promote a safe and inclusive environment for students, house staff and faculty, and to increase representation of URMs at all levels.

To provide peer-to-peer and faculty mentorship for high school students, medical students and house staff from a diverse background.

To promote and participate in community outreach that best addresses the needs of our patient community.

To promote a culture of social change and create curricula for different residency programs dedicated to health disparities and inequity, advocacy, social justice, and systemic racism

Promote resident, fellow and faculty research involvement in social determinants of health, health policy, health disparities, and genomic health.