Medical Student Pediatric Subinternship

The Pediatric Sub-Internship is an outstanding opportunity for 4th year medical students interested in children's healthcare to experience clinical in-patient pediatric medicine during a hands-on, one month rotation with an increased level of patient care responsibility. This rotation satisfies the 4th year medical student requirement for a subinternship for students interested in Pediatrics other or related fields.

The Peds Sub-I is available every month for a limited number of students. Students are assigned to a pediatric in-patient service team, usually in pairs, on either NS-42 at UHB, Red Team at KCHC or Green Team at KCHC. Each team consists of an Attending Physician, Chief Resident, Senior Resident, Junior Residents (interns), Subinterns, Student Clerks (third year students). The subintern student's level of responsibility is on par with a PGY-1 (PL-1) resident and as such entails direct patient care responsibility for sick hospitalized children. Under the supervision of pediatric senior residents and pediatric attending faculty, students learn by doing and by example. They actually take the place (2 for 1) of a pediatric intern and participate in all ward rounds, direct patient care, documentation, procedures, consultations, clinical planning and didactic conferences. On call responsibilities during the subinternship are the same as that of the pediatric intern: every fourth night with Sunday through Thursday short calls until 8-9 pm and Fridays and Saturdays overnight until 8 am. The clinical sites students are assigned to are active, stimulating, challenging, exciting and rewarding services where care is provided by devoted staff for many patients with diverse problems. As this is an intensive, full time commitment to patient care as an integral member of the respective ward team, this experience must not be interrupted by absences such as residency interviews.

In any specialty, first year residency is a challenge. Most students find that the Pediatric Subinternship experience builds confidence and prepares them very well for their next year as junior house staff. In addition, this activity often provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate excellent performance in clinical care which is reflected on their transcript and by suitable reference from their Attending Pediatrician.

Students meet on a regular basis with the Faculty Coordinator for the Pediatrics Subinternship (Dr. Harris) to discuss their experiences, ask questions and be given an opportunity to formally evaluate their rotation. Subinternships are limited to a maximum of 8 students each month and add/drop changes in schedule must be approved at least 2 months in advance.

For more information regarding the Pediatrics Subinternships, please contact:

Dr. Paul Harris
Subinternship Director

Mr. Darell Banks
Subinternship Coordinator