Neurology Podcasts

Message From The Residency Director

Dear Students, Residents, Faculty, and All,

Welcome to the Neurology Podcast project. Below you will find podcasts in neurology which we recorded here at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. These include short lessons, reviews, and discussions on various neurological topics.

This is "work in progress" and the plan is to add more presentations with time. Volunteers to prepare topics for discussions are more than welcome.

I would like to Acknowledge Dr. Ted Burns from Virginia University, whose work at the AANEM and AAN inspired the birth of this project.

Please email me with any suggestions or insights.

- Jonathan Perk

Access Instructions

Podcasts can be played back in a web browser or from iTunes. Please review the install instructions for iTunes, or use the media player controller in each topic below.

  1. Install Itunes:  On the following webpage, you will have the ability to download the itunes application and read on how to do so -->
  2. Open Itunes: After installed, open the itunes application.
  3. Connect To Podcast:  Either by subscribing to the channel or playing individual podcasts
    • Subscribing:  Click "File", "Subscribe to podcast", past in
      , and click "OK".
    • Playing Individual Podcasts:  Click "Itunes Store", in search type in "downstate neurology", and proceed with search.

Podcast Topic Listing

Below are a few of our podcasts. They can be listened to on this web page using the play button, or downloaded using the Options button in the controller.

1. Lower Limb - Dr. Perk:

2. Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy - Drs. Perk and Debacker:

3. Movement Disorder Emergencies - Drs. Perk and Mahmoud:

4. Parkinson Treatment - Drs. Perk and Cabassa:

5. Seizure - Drs. Perk and Grant:

6. Non Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy - Drs. Perk and Y. Anziska:

7. Myopathy Part 1 - Drs. Perk and Y. Anziska:

8. Neuromuscular Junction Part 1 - Drs. Perk and Sparman:

9. Neuromuscular Junction Part 2 - Drs. Perk and Sparman:

10. Stroke Code - Drs. Perk and Law:

11. Trials - Drs. Perk and Levine:

12. Status Epilepticus - Drs. Perk and Mortati:

13. Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis - Drs. Perk and Gabriel:

14. Dysmetria of Thought Non-Motor Functions of the Cerebellum - Drs. Perk and Zhao: