Research and Scholarly Activity

Our Department of Family Medicine has been actively promoting research and scholarly activity among residents and faculty with many projects being enhanced by participation of SUNY-Downstate medical students. A recent departmental evaluation of priorities has resulted in an increased emphasis on scholarly work that is reflected in increasing research and scholarly productivity. Through newly formed alliances with the SUNY Downstate School of Public Health, statisticians available in the larger Medical Center, and close interaction with the IRB, we have increased our sophistication in research design. We maintain a dedicated bulletin board in our departmental offices with listing of all active projects underway in the department.  All residents participate in research teams that work to improve our practice and have the opportunity and mentoring that allows them to present their projects at the departmental, institutional and regional level.  All faculty are encouraged to promote learning through original research or data analysis and departmental resources are dedicated to this goal. We provide funding for poster presentations, resident travel for presentations, and publication expenses and a formal mentoring system to support departmental scholarly work.

In addition, residents are encouraged to present scholarly discussions to their peers and the entire department. Recent topics have included detailed reports about Global Health electives spent in health care underserved countries that address the geopolitical basis of health care disparities. Other presentation have focused on such diverse topics as clinical issues common in primary care practice, practice management efficiencies, resident wellness, physician advocacy and community health. Community health, in particular, has become a major initiative for our department. Our attendings help staff the student-run clinic for uninsured patients (The Brooklyn Free Clinic), assist regularly at community based health fairs and other educational programs, and participate in an outreach for homeless persons living in the area around our Medical Center. Our residents spend time each year in a dedicated Community Medicine rotation in which they research the community we work in and learn more about the issues our patients face. A number of our recent scholarly projects have grown out of the learning started in these months.

All these activities and projects are designed to help our department provide better care to our patients, learn more about value-based healthcare, and encourage a multifaceted role for our residents so that they will become the best primary care physicians and community members possible.

A sample of recent research and scholarly presentations and publications are noted below.


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Presented and Accepted Abstracts / Posters:

  • Akivis A, Ramirez, Le C, Kyriacou M. Utilization of Patient Portal in an Urban Primary Care Center; April 2018; SUNY Downstate Research Day; SUNY-Downstate, Brooklyn NY
  • Cao C,…Akivis A,…Ramirez R,… Kaplan MT. Adults With Chronic Disease in a Primary Care Setting: Identifying Needs for OT Services; OT Research Day; May 2018; SUNY-Downstate, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Bosquiet C. Newly Diagnosed SLE Presenting With GI Symptoms. 2018, Family Medicine Education Consortium; Rye Brook, NY.
  • Liang P, Holliman J, Sharma R. Evaluating the Rate of PPSV Screening and Administration Among Patient with DM in a Family Practice Setting. 2018. Downstate Research Day; SUNY-Downstate, Brooklyn NY.
  • Sola O, Ojong T, Akivis A. Community Outreach: The Benefits of Incorporation of Community Events Into Formal Residency Training, 2018 Family Medicine Education Consortium, Rye Brook, NY.
  • Kouamo P, Borhanjoo P, Rahman M, Norton M, Gavini M. Effect of clinical pharmacist encounters in the transitional care clinic on 30-day readmissions. Poster presentation session at the 2018 ACCP Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy, Seattle, Washington in October 2018.
  • Leong J, Sola O, Gavini M. Prescribing topical diclofenac for osteoarthritis: Details matter. Accepted for poster presentation at the 2018 FMEC Annual Meeting,  Rye Brook, New York
  • Hernandez N, Gavini M, Moy S, Nakeshbandi N. Evaluation of Antibiotic Prescribing Behaviors in an Outpatient Primary Care Clinic. Presented at the resident poster session at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting, Orlando, Florida; December 6th, 2017.
  • Gavini M, Faber ES, Sass, P.  Impact of clinical pharmacist feedback presentations on family medicine residents’ patient care and prescribing behaviors at hospital discharge. Presented at the 2017 American College of Clinical Pharmacy Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona; October 10th 2017.
  • Patel P, Tark B,…Akivis A,… Levine SB. Primary Stroke Prevention in Women; 2016; AAN; Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Taylor T, …Sadovsky R,…Akivis A…Karpiak S. The Sexual Needs of Older Men Living With HIV. HIV/AIDS Related Research Day. Dec 2016; SUNY-Downstate; Brooklyn NY.