Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME) at SUNY Downstate is to assist its diverse faculty in promoting quality medical care, patient safety, and physicians' competencies by providing exemplary CME activities. This will be accomplished with an array of offerings to our interprofessional target audience, which include topics targeting medical specialties and subspecialties focusing on knowledge, competence, patient outcomes, and clinical performance of participants on health disparity topics such as Nutrition, Chronic Renal Disease, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Health affecting the Brooklyn Community and beyond.

Our activities encompass regularly scheduled conferences such as grand rounds, tumor boards, live and virtual courses such as regional, national, international symposia, and enduring materials.

The expected outcome of the CME Mission is to provide a lifetime of learning that measures changes in the competence and performance of the healthcare teams. We expect better health outcomes for our patients and community through continuous assessment of learner participants' improved skills and learning strategies to improve community health and research.


 Approved, Jan. 2021