Dr. Samuel L. Kountz Transplant Program

By Office of the President | Mar 5, 2024

Samuel KountzThe Transplant Program’s history of service and dedication to the community dates back more than 50 years. The program was established in 1965 by Samuel L. Kountz, M.D., an African-American pioneer in transplantation who then served as Downstate’s Chief of Surgery. The program continues to carry out Dr. Kountz’s legacy, breaking barriers in transplant medicine and increasing access to transplant care.

Our program stands out for its pioneering innovations. It was the first in New York to perform a kidney-pancreas transplant and a dual kidney transplant and among the first in the country to perform laparoscopic surgery for kidney removal from living donors, demonstrating Downstate’s leadership and innovation in the field.

Our community impact is also significant, as detailed in the accompanying article. In addition to addressing the needs of patients with end-stage kidney disease, Downstate trains the next generation of transplant specialists as an academic medical center. Through this, we ensure the sustainability of high-quality care and contribute to the advancement of medical science and transplant medicine.